It’s officially spring, and though the weather on the east coast isn’t quite reflecting that, I figure I might as well give Mother Nature a gentle nudge in the right direction with some wishful thinking. In preparation for the inevitable coming of warm weather, I wanted to take a look at shorts in this year’s Spring collections. I’ve pulled together a list of some of the designers that caught my eye.


I’m starting with Nautica for those of you who are looking for something stylish but not too crazy (because if you’ve read any of my past articles, you know I love a little crazy). Its nautical aesthetic is totally compatible with Spring/Summer fashion and makes for some great shorts.

nautica ss 14 1nautica ss 14 9nautica ss 14 2

The Spring collection has a classic, relaxed feel but still manages to add a bit of edge with longer capri-style pants, colorful prints, and some subtle touches, like asymmetrical lines and pockets.

nautica ss 14 10nautica ss 14 6nautica ss 14 3

Nicholas K

I really enjoyed Nicholas K’s Spring collection. It has the sort of otherworldliness that I love, as I mentioned in my Future Fashion article, and the shorts feature a long, slender cut, unconventional lines, and a muted color palette.

Nicholas K SS14 3Nicholas K SS14 1Nicholas K SS14 2


Versace’s Spring collection brings sophistication, elegance, and flair to its shorts with bright hues and fine fabrics. I’ve also been noticing a tendency towards shorts well above the knee this season, which I’m liking.

versace ss14 1versace ss14 1versace ss14 3


I’m not 100% sure that I would personally wear the shorts from Kenzo’s Spring collection, but I like what they are doing visually, and I sure would love to see someone else rock these in a creative way. This season’s shorts capture the eye with lively prints and flowing fabrics.

kenzo ss14 1kenzo ss14 4kenzo ss14 2

Dolce & Gabbana

I am loving Dolce & Gabbana’s collection this season, particularly in the shorts department. Maybe it’s their Sicilian mythology theme (I am a huge mythology nerd), or perhaps it’s the fact that the collection makes me think of flashy, European beach style of the 1970s (one of my favorite decades in music and style).

dolce ss14 18dolce ss14 17dolce ss14 15

I’m also really loving the prevalence of warm hues and the sheen in the fabrics, which have me feeling like it’s already summer.

dolce ss14 9dolce ss14 11dolce ss14 1

And if you have the balls (literally and figuratively) to wear these “zungas,” as we’d call them in Argentina, I fully encourage it.

dolce ss14 4dolce ss14 5dolce ss14 2


Ok, now most of Sibling’s line is a little wilder than what I’d normally wear, but I love the playfulness and the energy of their work: exaggerated proportions, distorted lines, intricate knits, and pastel colors. At the end of the day, I appreciate an interesting aesthetic concept, even if I wouldn’t necessarily wear it, and I often find inspiration in work like this. I’d also live to model some of this stuff.

Sibling SS 14 7Sibling SS 14 9Sibling SS 14 4

I was (pleasantly) surprised to find what appear to be “sweater shorts,” which are probably completely impractical but also kind of amazing, in their Fall/Winter collection. It all seems very fun and free.

Sibling FW 14 1Sibling FW 14 4Sibling FW 14 2

I also think it’s great that they obviously encourage their models to smile. I’ve been asked to smile on the runway before, and it ain’t always easy, but it’s definitely a welcome departure from the usual pomp. In any case, the spring collection has a few pairs of shorts that I’d actually consider wearing myself.

Sibling SS 14 6Sibling SS 14 3Sibling SS 14 5

Phillipp Plein

Phillipp Plein’s Spring collection has some of my favorite shorts this season. The collection draws its inspiration from the casino world.

phillipp plein ss14 8phillipp plein ss14 3phillipp plein ss14 9

The German designer’s line merges elegant high fashion, sexy urban swag, and a fun, sporty functionality.

phillipp plein ss14 1phillipp plein ss14 7phillipp plein ss14 2

Viktor & Rolf

The Spring Lookbook for Viktor & Rolf got my attention because the collection and the model are giving me Sexy-Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-Upscale-Prep-School Realness in the best possible way. The shorts are cut longer and are designed like dress slacks with fine fabrics.

ViktorRolf SS14 3ViktorRolf SS14 2ViktorRolf SS14


Dsquared2 is probably my favorite collection this season in terms of shorts. Their aesthetic always feels very New York chic to me, and nothing gets me hot like New York chic!

dsquared2 ss14 2dsquared2 ss14 5dsquared2 ss14 7

This season’s theme was “Island Paradise,” but the collection still manages to feel very urban upscale. It also features several well-fitted, high-cut shorts, which I have been fancying lately.

dsquared2 ss14dsquared2 ss14 3dsquared2 ss14 8

So think warm thoughts, make a spring wardrobe shopping list, and imagine yourself lounging on some warm beach in a pair of sexy shorts. Soon enough the seasons will actually change, and your bare legs will once again see the light of day!