Rupaul's drag racePreviously, we had one of the best overall Snatch Games, Gia left, and Laganja reminded everyone of why she should have been the one to go. Laganja continues this trend by looking sad and annoyed to the point that Trinity feels she needs to stop being so emotional. Everyone gives props for Trinity coming out as HIV positive. They then congratulate Ben. And then Ben congratulates himself. Darienne doesn’t look happy.

Everyone skips into the workroom. Adore is so ready for an individual challenge, and even though I don’t like the hideous sweater he’s wearing, I actually think he looks good today. I think I’m so used to him looking like leather daddy k.d. lang in the interviews. Stick with this, Adore.

She-mail uses a lot of rap/hip-hop/r&b language, which would be a big clue if we hadn’t seen the preview last week. The mini challenge will be reading. I feel like we’re doing a lot of these really early on, but that could be me. Bianca and Adore set the bar really high. Trinity somehow reads herself, which is new, and a little awkward. Courtney plays it safe. Milk takes a long set up for a few decent jokes. Joslyn reminds everyone why she’s here. Laganja’s don’t land and are a lot of high pitched noises. Darienne’s is rather good, and she wins the challenge. This means she gets to be a team leader and whomever she doesn’t pick make their own team. She chooses Laganja, Bianca, Adore, and Courtney. Ben is miffed.

Laganja informs us that she loves to rap and is a professional choreographer. Adore flat out doesn’t like the choreography and Laganja looks upset. Ben’s excited to be a fly girl and talks to Trinity about her pronunciation. This sets Trinity off. Darienne talks about being a white lady from the suburbs and isn’t sure how to do all this. Trinity starts the choreography but Ben’s having trouble. RuPaul joins us and says that Trina and Eve are the judges. Am I spelling those right? The last rap album I bought was the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. In any case, the queens are excited.

In the make-up room, Ben asks Darienne how he chose the group, which Bianca points out is very much like a read. Ben rephrases with a “Why didn’t you choose ME?” and Darienne says it’s none of anyone’s business. They all head to the filming studio and Darienne makes some comment about playing chess with Bobby Fischer. Are Eve and Trina that good? Bianca starts us off. Adore says that she’s everything that she wants to be at 57, and then starts packing for when Bianca finally watches the episode. When did Adore get a brain?!! Show, you’re confusing me. Adore’s look is also on point, though she flubs the lyrics. Laganja seems out of her zone and over the top. It’s pointed out that she looks like a white suburban girl trying to rap. Eve and Trina are pretty forgiving of everything, even when Darienne starts knocking the set over. Ben starts out forgetting his cue. Milk is nuts, but we’ve come to expect that. Joslyn hopes that the laughter is WITH Milk, not AT Milk. Trinity opens up with a disclaimer and then proceeds to not even live up to those low expectations. Trina and Eve look like they are here for a paycheck.

The runway look will be Crazy, Sexy, Cool glamour. Everyone wants to know if Milk will be playing pretty. Milk’s not sure. Bianca gives Trinity a pep talk and talks about a friend of hers who contracted HIV and went off the radar.

During the main-stage, Trina and Eve, again, are being very polite. Joslyn comes out in a bathing suit with long beaded strings. Ben’s in an Elizabeth Taylor/Eartha Kitt style dress. Trinity is “Black Cher” in a kaftan. Milk is doing an attempt at thrift shop glamour. Laganja has a, I’m assuming, Lady Gaga inspired look. Darienne looks like the whole universe in a star field dress that looks really nice. Bianca is a gold version of the Valley of the Dolls. Adore looks good, but needs to learn how to walk. Courtney comes out looking like she’s in the opening of “Hairspray” and then throws off the bedspread to reveal a bikini.

In the video, Joslyn is spot on. Ben’s not bad, and will be safe. Trinity has a really good look. Laganja looks like Alanis trying to do some sort of white girl rapper thing. Darienne’s slow. Adore’s really good, and Courtney’s safe. You never see RuPaul in the same shots at the dolls, and I love that.

The queens will be judged individually. Ru starts this by informing Courtney that she’s resting on pretty, but that she’s safe. Courtney is joined by Ben and Laganja. Damn.

Joslyn’s runway look was busy and messy, but her rap was great. Everyone is very proud to have seen her step up to the plate, but felt the runway look was a disaster. Trinity was channeling Naomi Campbell on the runway, and had an amazing look for the video, but her rap was lack luster. She starts with an “I’m not making excuses, but…” and is cut off. Milk had nothing to do with hip hop, though the make-up was good. The dress, however, was pinned in the back and unflattering. The judges were under impressed.  Darienne was very obviously uncomfortable the entire time. We could see Bianca’s eyes and they loved her look on the runway. Adore got praise for having a waist, but the judges don’t like that her dresses are mid shin length. She did the best rap, though, and ends up the winner of the challenge.

The bottom two are Trinity and Milk, and the song is Whatta Man, meaning it’s going to be Milk going home. Trinity isn’t moving much but is emoting like hell and channeling Salt and Pepa. In the end, Milk ends up going home. I’m still not sure how I felt about this, though, if that’s her best glam, I understand why. The only thing I don’t get is why this didn’t happen AFTER Laganja left.