rupaul's drag race season 6Last time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bianca won and Laganja completely broke down. The dolls come in and everyone feels like it has been a day. Laganja didn’t leave much on the mirror. We all felt that was very dark and ugly and some people feel that it’s a shame that Laganja left on that note. And the queens all blame Bianca, who takes the joke in stride. Trinity is glowing over Ru’s praise. Courtney continues this whole thing with Joslyn by saying she’s the Dida Ritz of this season, which, I guess is a bad thing, but I really liked Dida.

New day. Things get harder from here on. Problematic She-Mail is gone and replaced by Mail. Ru comes out and gives a lot of TV Show announcer stuff. Adore hears WWE and thinks they are going to fight. The pit crew comes in and more join them, and even more join in them. We have 10 hot menz in their underwear. AND some of them have facial hair!! It’s shocking, I know. Johnny Scruff comes out to introduce his models and the game we’re playing, “Hung man.” It’s like Hangman, but … not. The models turn around to reveal letters on their asses and the contestants have to guess the words. One of them doesn’t know how to turn. There’s a Lady Bunny joke. Ben wins and everyone rolls their eyes.

The main challenge is to be the announcer on a talk show, and interview Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt, Cher’s mom. Joslyn is just about to plotz, and immediately searches her wardrobe for something to wear that isn’t a bikini. Everyone else is writing questions. Bianca wants things to be light and airy. Adore is freaking out because she wants natural, but that involves cussing. Ru asks Joslyn “how many straps are you going to wear?” and Joslyn shows that she actually knows a bit about Georgia Holt, and makes a bad vagina joke about … everyone involved. No one wants to be the queen that pissed off Cher’s family. Will the judges see the real Ben? Ben thinks “Yes. Maybe. Sorta. I’m an introvert so I have no idea what this means.” Courtney tries to suss out how she’s actually doing since she doesn’t get a lot of feedback except “You’re relying on body” and is always in the middle. Trinity is ready to ready to rock this challenge. The other judge will be Paula Abdul.

Ben and Courtney talk about weaknesses and Courtney’s standing. Ben says that we all like seeing vulnerability and that Courtney is always polished. Courtney says that she’s always just this cheery. Joslyn says she’s an alien and Ben says that he’s already alienated.

The taping begins. Adore is giddy and Georgia and Chaz look polite. Georgia explains to Adore that she grew up during the Depression which meant no money or food. This doesn’t register with Adore, who gives a nondescript “That’s cool!” before having to be reschooled about what being poor means. Bianca talks a lot to Chaz but goes over time before she can get to Georgia. Trinity keeps calling Chaz “Chad” and things get really awkward. Courtney asks all the right questions and everyone’s very comfortable.  Darienne asks questions about transitioning that go over like a lead balloon and asks Georgia some questions about Cher, while many of her accessories keep falling off. Ben, on the other hand, is very charming. Joslyn is charmingly awkward and then drops a big abortion bomb.

The main stage opens with a Ru wearing a big reddish sequined ribbon, making the people I’m with wonder if this for AIDS or breast cancer, and what does that have to do with the show. Michelle is looking like Jersey Cher. Paula Abdul is looking sober. For some reason, the theme is Animal Kingdom couture. I have no idea why or what this has to do with Cher or Talk Shows or hang man.  Darienne comes out looking like an elephant in drapey grey jersey with severe nipples. Adore is wearing a cat suit thing and Hannibal Lector’s bedazzled face mask. Ben is a fly creature. Bianca is in leopard prints, including her skin. Joslyn has a blazer and some feathers and then takes the bottom off to reveal another thong. Trinity comes out in a giant bird showgirl outfit. She’s followed by Hawk Girl Courtney, complete with extending wings.

The judges feel that Darienne is all nipples and her look was inspired, but her talk show was nervous, and did a bad Cher. And anyone who’s seen season two knows how Michelle feels about bad Cher impressions. The judges don’t know who Adore is, which turns out to be a Mortal Kombat panther. It’s too much. Paula recognizes Adore’s voice and they chat about American Idol. Adore was also nervous during the interview. Ben was much more endearing during the interview, despite wearing an ugly color, and her runway was incredible. Bianca matched all over, but lacked in time management and listening skills. Santino says that that’s understandable, since she does night clubs, where the audience’s answer is almost unnecessary. Joslyn has some weird rational behind her look, but the judges don’t buy it or her “meaty tuck”. She was sweet during her interview, but we don’t talk about abortion or very serious things during these talk show interviews. Chaz seems to be smitten by Courtney, and both he and Georgia were impressed by Ms. Act. The judges wonder if she was too low energy, but both guests disagree. The judges loved Trinity’s look but she made a serious faux pas by flubbing Chaz’ name.

Courtney wins and the bottom two are Trinity and Adore, and I sense some serious shenanigans. They must lip synch to “Vibeology,” by Paula Abdul, and this seems like the better episode to do an “everyone stays.” Trinity goes and she’s incredibly gracious and accepting about it. I hope to see more of her. Next week has something to do with weddings.