80375224To the two best dads on fathers day! A day with a new meaning, now that gay men can adopt children, have children without prejudice from agencies and raise children as straight couples would. How do we celebrate this hallmark occasion now? EASY! Hallmark have released its first gay fathers day card. This comes just 4yrs after Hallmark created wedding cards for homosexual couples. This fathers day seems to have a highlight on more inclusion of the LGBTI community as President Obama has also invited two gay fathers to join him at the White House to celebrate fathers day with other fathers from across America. Where the White House recognizes both men as fathers of their child, their home state of Michigan does not, still only one parent is legally a father to the child, while the other father is not. As always with every triumph we are still reminded there is a still a long way to go to equality. fathers-day-360x200

Perhaps one day when I become a father the card aisles will be filled with “my two dads” “best dads ever” cards for my children to begrudgingly buy and give me in exchange for cash. Regardless of what we think the corporate card companies may hopefully follow Hallmarks examples and begin saturating the market with similar LGBTI cards for all to purchase and distribute.

The LGBTI community is a strong influence on business on high streets and have been referred to as the “pink currency”, it is more than likely that soon we will be saturated with LGBTI themed goods in our stores to purchase on holidays along with all the other soppy, loving, congratulatory cards, gifts and ideas we purchase to explain how we feel towards each other.

The sentiment may be fake, but I for one think its nice to be included in yet another aspect of society and see being gay normalize further.