Photo courtesy of John Quilty
Photo courtesy of John Quilty

There’s no need to leave Manhattan in search of the  ideal summer “camp”. All one needs to do is take a trip to the Theatre at St. Clements for a dose of Idris Seabright’s histrionics. Seabright, a Floridian old maid, is played with masterful comedic skill by Everett Quinton. Quinton is  best known for his collaboration of the Ridiculous Theater company with his late partner Charles Ludlam.  Through August 10, this “drag-tastic” performer  is savoring each moment of extended gazes and glances as though they were his last theatrical bites on earth. Let us pray to Gods of comedy that they are not, as Quinton’s star turn in Drop Dead Perfect is absolute perfection.

Seabright resides in a shabby chic  Key West beach house  and is lamenting the potential loss of Vivien, a young lady (played with delicate drag charm by Jason Edward Cook) with her sights set on an art career in New York.  More will be revealed on that relationship later.  Phineas Fenn,  Seabright’s lawyer, shows up  to ply her with hallucinogenic pills.  To add spice to the mix, a fiery Cuban named Ricardo (Jason Cruz)  knocks on the door to sweep Idris off her feet.

The plot continues to unfold like a melodrama from the fifties and, under Joe Brancato’s direction,  this wonderfully versatile cast makes the most out of each hyperbolic moment. Any show incorporating  a dance to Yma Sumac’s “Malambo No. 1” not once, but twice,  earns its’ mark for silliness of  the highest quality. If  you’ve never heard the song, watch it on youtube and brace yourself for a fit of giggles.

The script, which makes numerous references to TV’s I Love Lucy, is penned by Erasmus Fenn. After reading Fenn’s curious  bio in the program, one must wonder if he and Quinton aren’t the same individual.  Whether they are or aren’t makes no difference. This is one delicious piece of theater you’ll be glad you attended.  Be advised, however:  Drop Dead Perfect  ends this Sunday, August 10th, so you’d better hurry. Oh, and leave the kiddies at home.

Drop Dead Perfect plays at Theatre at St. Clements. 423 West 46th street between 9th and 10th. For tickets and more information,visit