Do you  have  friends and acquaintances who  sit in their apartments, complain that they are always broke, and announce  that  there is nothing to do?  Now you can resist the urge to smack them in the head and send them back to their native mid-America state by informing them about Goldstar’s brand new Android App.  Wait! What is Goldstar? Thank you for asking!  Goldstar is both a free  website and app which provides listings of shows, concerts, events, dinner cruises, theater and tons of other fun stuff to do in the city–at a fraction of what you’d pay for the full price ticket. Since 2002 this California based company has connected with over 5,000 venues in cities across the United States. Recently, they’ve rolled out in Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, and are making plans to engage in more medium sized markets.

Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy recognized the demand from customers to make usage more mobile.  As of September 2014, 63% of  its’ users were accessing the services on either smartphones or tablets. With the launch of this  Android App, McCarthy and his team are making access even more effortless. “Now, Goldstar is there when people think  about what they want to do,” he said.   It should be noted, however, that the app is not strictly limited to Android. It  can work across all other devices as well. Sorry, Gramps…this does not mean your rotary phone!

The new app features include an even wider array of events, reviews from other members who have already attended the event, and a new “sit with friends” option. This means that your friends can buy tickets individually, but you can still sit together. This way, you won’t get stiffed by cheapskate companions who either don’t show up or won’t pay you back. As always, deals are available almost up to the last minute and entry tickets will be sent immediately to your device. Unless the deal is sold out, in which case, you  probably should’ve planned better.

Download the app now, sign up for deals and emails, and enjoy a city which is abundant with non-stop activity–at discounted prices. If your buddies continue to mope around like Eeyore, find new friends!

To download the Android app, click On other devices, simply locate “Goldstar” and download.

For more information about Goldstar, visit

For more information about sitting at home doing nothing, I can’t help you.