So far, 2015 is proving to be colder than an icy stare from Downtown Abbey’s Dowager Countess.  But fear not, fellow New Yorkers!  There is no reason to sit at home kicking your steam radiator until you bruise your big toe–at least not tomorrow night, Wednesday  January 14th at 7:30 PM.

That’s when Daniel Dillard takes to the stage of the Upper west side hot spot, The West End Lounge.  There,  he’ll perform some of his own music, as well as pop hits and selections from musical theater.  Ok…calm down, queens, and do not sing along! Leave that to this talented  Denver native/resident Manhattanite  who will share the stage with a cast of hugely talented musicians and special guest stars including Marty Thomas, Jessica Burrows Van Kipp, and Abbie Getty.

Thomas, Van Kipp, and Getty are big freakin’ stage actors  folks. Do you think they would waste their time collaborating with some putz who can’t raise the rafters and sing like an angel? They know good talent when they see it–and YOU need to see this up and coming singer-songwriter too!  Tickets are only 20 bucks. Twenty. Dollars. That’s two slices of pizza in this town–and Dillard won’t leave you feeling broke and bloated!

For tickets and information:

WHO: Daniel Dillard and other incredible folks

WHEN: Wednesday January 14th 2015

WHERE: The West End Lounge, 955 West End Avenue at 107th Street. Take the 1 train to 103 or 110.

Daniel Dillard. Doin' that voodoo he do so well.
Daniel Dillard. Doin’ that voodoo he do so well.