The High-Low Skirt is going to be all the rage this fall, and I’ll tell you why- it is the best skirt for absolutely any woman. It is perfect for any body shape, it can be worn formal or casual, and best of all… prices start at just $15! It’s not very often that a versatile piece like this can fit anyone’s budget. It’s a win-win for you and your wallet, and you’re confidence will soar.

Amidst the movement for people to be more positive about their body, regardless of size, age, complexion, and so on, there’s no better time than now to introduce your wardrobe to something made for everyone. Most high low skirts are high waisted, which is great for adding length to your legs and showing off your shape. Plus, it only shows off from the knee down on one leg, so if you’re anything like me (read: shy), you’ll feel appropriately covered. It’s the perfect mix of sexy yet conservative.

It’s a great piece if you’re working on being more body positive since it will empower you and boost your confidence without taking you out of your comfort zone. You’ll be mostly covered, but still showing off. It’s the perfect introduction to loving yourself- it’ll show you all of your best assets and keep you comfortable. And for all of you who are already bold, it’ll bring that level of sophistication and sexiness that cannot be found in any other skirt. It’s great for showing an appropriate amount of leg for almost any setting, while still showing off everything you’re proud to be. This might be the only skirt that is for anybody and any body.

And, there’s really no wrong way to wear a high low skirt! Depending on your personal comfort level, you can tuck a shirt smoothly or blouse it over the waist a bit. Either way is cute and professional, perfect for the office or an evening out. For fall, complementary colored tights can be added for extra warmth that won’t take away from the awesome leg line the angle of the skirt will give you.

Because of the length and angle of the skirt, regular flats are not a good shoe to pair with it. But, ankle booties and pumps are both great options, and the choice between the two can be made depending on where you’re going.

I have two favorite styles to wear with the high low skirt. First, is the very professional and office friendly outfit. Pairing the skirt with a nice blouse, tucked in just a bit at the waist, will give you the long leg line while keeping your torso separate from your lower body. Throw on a pair of pumps and you’re ready to lead your next meeting! Second is more of a fall evening at an art gallery look. I like to tuck a long sleeve turtle neck sweater smoothly into the skirt, creating a continuous line in my body from shoulder to ankle. This look works great if you’re trying to create the illusion of a long body line from top to bottom. Pair some plain tights with your favorite pair of ankle booties, and you’ve got a sophisticated yet comfortable vibe.

High low skirts start for around $15 on Amazon and come in a variety of colors. I suggest black and charcoal for starters, and then diving into the more bold colors. Or, splurge on yourself and get a bunch! Either way, get this versatile piece in your wardrobe and start feeling your absolute best.

I purchased the one shown for myself and it is very good quality for a great price, so here’s the link to my new staple: