The theatrical dining hall of New York City is packed, but there is always room for one more seat. A brand new theater company will soon be welcomed to the table as Collider Theater presents their world premiere production of Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon opening October 10 and running through October 31, 2015 at The Paradise Factory at 64E4 in the East Village.

Collider Theater,  led by Co-Artistic Directors Robert Murphy and Jean Randich is dedicated to telling stories that celebrate the collision of cultures around the world.

“Over the years I’ve developed a strong interest in stories about people tossed into mysterious circumstances,” says Murphy. “Things either go completely to hell, or people learn how to make their way through situations they don’t totally understand.”

For their inaugural production, Collider Theater is proud to present Robert Murphy’s Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon directed by Jean Randich. Press notes describe the synposis:

When Walter’s Brazilian partner passes away from leukemia, he knows that Ines, his superstitious mother-in-law, will be a handful. But when they travel to the Amazon to perform religious rituals to put Marcos’ spirit to rest, they get far more than they bargained for – eccentric birders, botched rituals, bisexual tour guides, poisonous spiders, and loads of Brazilian maternal drama. Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon is about learning how to let go when the past refuses to leave. The story is based on true events

Randich adds: “In the Afro-Brazilian religion, Umbanda, spirits of the dead still have great agency among the living. Ultimately this play is about the delicate balance in family and romantic relationships: Who is the parent? Who is the child? Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon unpacks the struggle inherent in how we as humans die – and live.”

Love, Sex and Death in the Amazon opens October 10 and plays Thursdays – Mondays at 7:30pm through October 31 at The Paradise Factory at 64E4 (64 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003). Follow them on facebook:

Tickets are $18 and are on sale now via Brown Paper Tickets: