Temperatures are dropping and most of have started switching out our sundresses and sandals for sweaters and boots. And while all love our fall wardrobes, but it can be hard to find the right finishing touch as it gets colder. And that finishing touch is not always jewelry, but it can be a scarf. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 5 great scarves to finish off your fall outfit. All of these styles are currently trending, so you’re sure to find something that fits your fall look. And best of all, they’re all affordable! That means guilt free shopping for the season, whether you’re buying just one or quite a few.

zara scarf“Basic Knit Snood”

Store: Zara

Price: $12.90

Why you’ll love it: This scarf isn’t as much a scarf as it is a neck sleeve. It’s great for anyone who is on the go and doesn’t have the time to wrap or tie a regular scarf. The basic knit snood, as they call it, just goes right over your head and you’re ready to go. Plus, it’s thick knit, so you’ll be able to snuggle your face into it and stay warm. Since it is just a plain knit, with no pattern or detail, it can be worn with absolutely anything.


“Striped Scarf”forever 21 scarf
forever 21 scarf

Store: Forever 21

Price: $14.90

Why you’ll love it: It’s a large square with fringe on all edges, which makes it look good no matter how you put it on. For a level up from the snood above, this is another quick and easy option that only takes a minute to wrap perfectly. This one is lightweight, so it won’t be as warm as heavier scarves, but it is a great scarf for that in between weather when it is chilly, but not too cold yet. The simple black dotted pattern on a neutral color material make this a great add on to warm up a cardigan with jeans look, or to toss on with a dress and tights.


nordstrom scarf“BP. Autumn Plaid Scarf”

Store: Nordstrom

Price: $26.00

Why you’ll love it: It says so in the title, it’s an autumn scarf! The warm oranges with blues, reds, and yellow in the plaid pattern are reminiscent of pumpkin picking and latte sipping. This would look great with a sweater, jeans, and boots, or even a dress. It’s cozy, comfortable, and super cute.


macys scarf“Collection XIIX Free Style Solid Loop”

Store: Macy’s

Price: $28.00

Why you’ll love it: This adorable loop scarf is another great on-the-go option. Just loop it twice around your neck and you’ve got a full, warm scarf to get cozy in. It comes in a few colors, and the fringe detail on the edge adds a cute and casual edge. This one is perfect for warming up your everyday look.


bloomingdales scarf“Echo Roving Spacedye Wrap Scarf”

Store: Bloomingdale’s

Price: $68.00

Why you’ll love it: This wrap scarf is plain with an edge. It has a sewn on checker pattern with three colored lines along each side. The unique pattern makes it great for styling since it can look like a totally different scarf each time you wrap it up. You can show the three stripes without showing their intersection for a rounded, more continuous look. Or, wrap it where you can see where the stripes meet for an edgier, more squared look. The fringe detail on this scarf makes it great for casual wear.

So whether you’re looking for something easy, plain, or fun, there are tons of great scarves out there right now that you definitely want to get your hands on before winter rolls in. Love one of these? Just click the store name to shop!