Credit to: GrizzlyKiki

It’s the 100th episode!!!! We’re all excited that Drag Race is back, as long as it’s not as boring as it was last season! Based on the Meet The Queens videos, this is either almost certain to happen or has no chance of happening!!

Naomi Smalls is the first one in the workroom and she’s already not funny at all. She’s really pretty though, and I think she’s very aware of this combination and also doesn’t care. She’s into fashion and the 90s. Probably with all of the insight that only people who were born in a decade can have about that decade… Cynthia Lee Fontaine comes in with a ton of padding. Are we ready for Cynthia? No, we are not! She jumps around and seems like she’d either be a ton of fun or annoying as hell. Dax Exclamationpoint comes in dressed in the knock off version of Storm, and talks about being the queen of the nerds. We’ll see. Naysha Lopez is the beauty of this competition. There’s always one. And she’s always boring. Acid Betty hairsprays the entire room while wearing a metallic mask that hides all her features. She’s a kookie one!!!! Robbie Turner is classic Hollywood, as if that’s actually going to work in her favor. Kim Chi is taller than I expected. Apparently, she’s on Instagram and is somewhat of a big deal. Or something. She’s recognized. Thorgy Thor knows Acid Betty and there’s that moment of “We know each other but we’re not going to do the Best Friends greeting, but don’t actively hate each other. Yet.” Bob The Drag Queen follows and falls on the floor over Thorgy. THAT’S the Best Friends greeting! Laila McQueen comes in looking like Beetlejuice got lost in a Hot Topic while on downers. ChiChi DeVayne is REAL Southern. You know what I’m talking about. Derrick Barry is Britney. As well as being a budget Courtney Act.

RuPaul quotes the quotables of the past seasons and everyone screams. It’s the 100th episode and Derrick is the 100th queen. Really? Her? You couldn’t have chosen someone else? Nicole Richie is our guest judge and again, her?

The photo shoot is to be in a shot with all the former winners, except Bianca, who couldn’t be here (hrm….) so they got a circus clown. Ha. Naysha’s …. cute. Acid makes bitchy comments. Bebe Zahara Bonet isn’t impressed.  Violet Chachki likes Naomi’s fashion but hates that her toes are hanging over her shoes. Robbie is awestruck by Jinkx Monsoon, but upset that they wore the same wig. Kim accidentally blocks everyone’s light. Raja loves Thorgy. Bob makes a funny. Laila curls up in a ball. Britney/Derrick uses the set to everyone’s amazement.

As we de-drag, everyone checks out everyone else. ChiChi is a top and has to tell us all, and like’s Laila’s thick short body.

The maxi challenge involves doing the “legendary” design challenges from past seasons. They bring out Morgan McMichaels to help choose the person to choose the challenges. Her? Robbie is the one who wins, and he’s dressed like the gayest sailor at the ball. He passes out the challenges, forgetting to give himself one and is stuck with the dog challenge. His attitude quickly becomes shitty. ChiChi, though, has had dog food before. Was it Doggie Chow?

Derrick, Naomi, and Robbie aren’t happy… and bitch. Kim has ideas of what to do with all the Florence Henderson poop brown wigs she’s been given. Naysha spends money and doesn’t know what to do with dollar store materials. Bob tells RuPaul that NO ONE does what Bob does, so there. Acid Betty reads the queens from Brooklyn, which goes over very well. Laila hates camo and is super shy.

Later, Bob has made a clutch that’s actually kinda cute, even if it’s made out of curtains. Naysha won a pageant, duh, and ChiChi says she hates them. Naysha flat out says that it’s because ChiChi didn’t win. Way to win friends!!! Kim Chi’s family doesn’t know she dresses with style and thinks her drag photos are of women he’s done make up on. Acid thinks Bob is annoying. We’re thinking you’re annoying, Ms. Betty. Bob is at least funny. ChiChi’s panties rip, which require last minute sewing, but Tim Gunn isn’t here to yell at them, so it’s ok.

And the outfits go over just about as well as one would expect. Some improved on the original ideas, and some were just boring. Bob, Dax, ChiChi, Thorgy, and Cynthia are safe. I’m sad that Bob and Thorgy are safe, cause I thought the did REALLY well, but I’m not the judge.

The judges like Acid Betty’s outfit, and think it has thought put into every inch, but wish she would be more punk. Naysha’s gorgeous but doesn’t stand out. She also doesn’t sew, at all, which doesn’t go over well with anyone. Kim has REALLY amazing artistry, and Michelle is concerned that her runway walk might be  signs that Ms. Chi is part T-Rex and not a choice for the lion outfit. Naomi’s boat was an issue and she’s didn’t know how to handle it, but she’s pretty. Robbie’s really basic and shapeless, and has more excuses. Robbie dear, I’m quickly not liking you, and I don’t like that. We all want Derrick to do something that isn’t Britney. Laila’s bottom half is basic and her top half looks like Wynona Judd after a blast furnace accident (not my joke).

Kim Chi wins!!!! She’s growing on me. Laila and Naysha must lip sync to Applause, which is the most Her? song ever. It fits Laila more, but she’s so scary looking that she really fades into the background. That being said, Naysha’s robotic clapping, while energetic, doesn’t fit the song, and she ends up going home. I’m… ok with this.

Join us next week!!! Until then, who do you think is standing out? Who do you think needs to go home? Did Ru get it right?