Credit to: GrizzlyKiki

Last time, Naysha went home and wrote a senior thesis on the mirror. Cynthia is upset. Everyone immediately starts being worried or starts reading each other. Or this is edited for drama. Laila has shit to say about everyone. I really have no idea why, cause, well, I mean, GURL. Britney’s upset because the rest of the girls don’t think she’s the next prettiest one. Ok, does Naysha just not look good on camera? Cause I don’t get it.

Lots of talk of singing and the mini challenge is a dance off to some dance song by RuPaul and some tiny dude in a the shiniest suit I’ve ever seen. Everyone cha-cha’s to various degrees of success. Thorgy does Frida Kahlo and ends up rolling around on the floor. Some of you got that. Cynthia and Chi-Chi win, and get to be the team captains. It’s an all dancing and lip synching show!!! I… this never goes well, but at least they aren’t singing. It’s called “Bitch Perfect.” Really?

The team picking isn’t as drama filled as it normally is, though Kim gets picked last. I mean, I get it, though she takes it with a self depreciation that I don’t like (in that I want to give her a hug and puppy). Chi-Chi and Betty immediately start arguing. Acid tries to take over. Gurl, did you not watch that other episode like this? Thorgy says this is why she’s not hired. GURL. Dax doesn’t get the choreography, and Chi-Chi doesn’t get it. No one gets it, and everyone is angry. So much angry.

Meanwhile, Laila is afraid of fading. Well, yeah, duh. Aren’t you supposed to be edgy? So far, you’ve just been really moody and grumpy.

Anyway, back to Acid Betty and Chi-Chi arguing with each other. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s really early for this sort of drama, and this could be signs that things will be lots of yelling at each other.

Kim Chi banters with Ru about Pitch Perfect, and I can’t tell if Kim is being funnily obtuse or is just generally clueless. It’s kinda cute. Laila’s all “I’m gonna show you, blah blah blah” and no one cares. At all. I guess it’s a moment to breathe while Acid Betty and Chi-Chi try to bitch at each other about who’s the bigger star (neither one of you).

RuPaul introduces everyone to the Shade Tree. A room to bitch, in private, to the camera. Wasn’t this on the Bachelorette or something? Jersey Shore? I dunno. It’s time to dance with Jamal Sims, who’s not impressed with anything anyone’s done. Especiallly Laila and Kim Chi’s dancing ability. Laila apparently hasn’t shaved her legs in a LONG time. Not that that’s bad. I’m just surprised no one’s clocked her for it yet.

The dance rehearsal is just like you’d expect it. Jamal hates everything. Kim falls over. Chi-Chi and Betty argue with each other. No one can do anything right. Especially Dax. Gurl, I want to like you.

Kim Chi is really upset and is the first one to go use the Shade Tree. It’s less shady than the name implies.

There sure is a lot of “getting to know the contestants.” Kim used to be fat. So was Acid Betty. And Dax. Meanwhile, Thorgy is just playing with her dreads. No really, go watch it again. It’s hysterical. Everyone’s putting on make up and Thorgy’s just twisting her hair like she’s on the phone.

Chi-Chi has a former life as a gang-banger, so there’s that.

Guest judges are Lucien Piane, Jamal Sims, and Ester Dean.

The show is actually pretty good, even though I can’t stand the whole accapella thing. It ends up being a choreographed Lip Sync for Your Life, only without it being focused on the worst two.

The runway is movie premiere realness. Most people are actually dressed up. Though, why is Derrick wearing a knee length dress to a movie premiere? Laila’s tripping over her green dress and her hair is flat. Dax has a bunch of excuses. Girl, you’re loosing me.

Everyone’s judged as individuals. Ru continues to have shit to say about people being safe. Someone’s gotta do it.

For some reason, the judges REALLY like Acid Betty’s dress, and I have no idea why. It’s kinda hard to see who’s the top or the bottom, because the judges are kinda harsh to everyone.

Chi-Chi wins! Dax and Laila are up for elimination. They have to lip sync to I Will Survive, and I’m kinda surprised that we haven’t done this song before (have we?). Anyway, both of them are kinda lack luster, even though, all in all, they aren’t terrible (no really, we’ve seen some BORING performances here). Dax starts out with an excuse. Neither are focused on actually doing the song, which ends up being the problem. Laila TAKES HER FUCKING SHOES OFF.

Both are eliminated. RuPaul immediately gets on the phone to call someone else. This better not be Shangela. Everyone’s shocked.

Who will it be? Was RuPaul right? Does Acid Betty look like Pepper from American Horror Story?