Previously on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens had an acting challenge and then had to roller skate. Cynthia went home, which makes us all sad, and Robbie continued to depress us by making excuses for herself.

Back in the workroom, the gworls are living in the real world again. We see Cynthia’s farewell message and I realize I’ve been spelling “cucu” wrong, this whole time! Robbie’s got some words to say and my only response is that accidents never happen. The hardest part for Derrick Berry is that he just doesn’t get it. He’s all I know, but I don’t know, and just kinda ignores what everyone has to say. Does this mean that Derrick is going home? Some people think she has to be around to do Britney for Snatch Game, but based on past seasons I really don’t want to see that slow motion trainwreck.

She done already had herses is a big old fan mail to New Wave, which I keep wanting to spell Nu Wave, because I watch too many infomercials. Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are the guest judges and everyone’s in rapture. There’s no mini challenge. They have to group off and create new wave inspired bands and write their own songs. This is going to be atomic.

The New York queens combine, and I’m not sure why, but ok. Robbie, Kim Chi, and Naomi join up in what can only be called the good boys, and that leaves ChiChi, Naysha, and Derrick. Team New York and team everyone else fights over the Party sound. Bob does a shakedown and ends up talking his way into getting party for his group, leaving Team ChiChi with synth, which is what ChiChi wanted, anyway.

Kim, Robbie, and Naomi form their own little island of lost souls and try to figure out how to be punk. And decide to go with a song about chicken wings. Others aren’t convinced but I think it could work. Or it could blow up in their faces.

For ChiChi, the hardest part is doing ANOTHER team challenge, and she blows everyone off to go vent under the Shade Tree. Thorgy, however, is shooting down everything Bob says and Bob is ready to rip her to shreds. We also find out that Thorgy is a violinist, violist, and cellist, and is a perfectionist. Cool story.

Lucien Piane is helping them out with the singing. First up is team ChiChi!! Lucien tells everyone that they might not want to actually sing, but Derrick Berry is living it up, now that he’s found his voice. No one’s impressed. The punk team is awful and Lucien tries to find the right way to say that. Team New York comes out, still fighting, and Bob looses it. It’s like watching a man overboard as Bob responds to EVERYTHING Lucien says with something snarky. Lucien is not impressed.

While they are getting ready, we find out that ChiChi is poor, and not that far from being out on the streets. They’re really playing up the real lives of these queens this season.

During the show, Street Meat comes out and does what they do best. They are all professionals and pull it together. Dragometry ends up looking like they were pulled through some sort of Desperately Seeking Susan D-Day. Michelle’s face says it all. Les Chicken Wings shows us how to eat to the beat, and everyone loves it.

We breeze through the runway. Before judging, Bob apologies to Lucien, who seems to forgive and forget. Betty shows that she’s still a jerk, even if she’s dressed up like Flounder and Ursula’s love child.

Derrick Berry is safe, presumably to be Britney on next week’s Snatch Game, and I wonder will anything happen. No, really. We’re all going to compare her to Tati, and Derrick isn’t half as charming as Tati was. Anyway, Naysha and ChiChi are in the bottom two. Naysha IMMEDIATELY takes off her shoes. WHY DO YOU DO THIS?!!! LEAVE YOUR GODDAMN SHOES ON!!!! She then does some not so pretty cartwheels. ChiChi shows that one way or another, she’s staying in this competition, and starts flipping all over the stage. ChiChi stays, and Naysha sashays away.

What was the point of bringing Naysha back? Seriously. They had a golden opportunity to bring back a queen who left too soon in an earlier season (Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker, Tempest DuJour, Rebecca Glasscock LMAO no) or a brand new queen to shake things up, and instead they brought back an egomaniac who is a boring performer and relies on body and face. It’s been done to death.

Next week is Snatch Game!!! Thorgy as Michael Jackson?!! Do we think Derrick will do Britney? Do we care? Join us!!!