Credit to: Leota

Fashion and New York City go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly in so many different ways, and it is always an incredible thing to see a brand go from zero to 180 in such a short amount of time when developing what they are doing and having a great response from it.  That can be said about the amazing brand called Leota.  Launched only five years ago, retailers took notice of what makes this line so special and great in their easy-to-wear fabrics, fashion-forward silhouettes and so much more.  Whether you are looking for a beautiful dress to enjoy in the springtime, or want to rock a maternity dress in style, Leota has you covered.  Carried not only in its New York City base but in over 300 fine retailers nationally, Leota promises to craft each dress for a woman’s body with a touch of glamour that will leave you feeling stunning and happy.  We recently spoke to their fabulous founder, Sarah Carson, about how this all began and so much more.

Credit to: Leota
Credit to: Leota

I read that the brand was named after Carson’s grandmother. Are any of the pieces inspired by her grandmother as well?

Leota is inspired by classic glamour, but translated to meet the needs of the 24/7 agenda of modern women.  These are the dresses that look timeless, but are comfortable enough to actually wear to work and every other context.

For “a little glamour without a lot of fuss”, what would be a signature or go-to Leota look?

That’s easy!  Dress, heels, lipstick, go.  We advocate looking the
part, but you know what’s hard?  Running the world in uncomfortable clothes!  Top leaders have long been proponents of wearing a ‘uniform’ so that you can focus on making a difference. Leota is the new uniform- and it’s both flattering and functional.

In relation to the brand’s wearable and versatile fashions, what makes Leota the perfect brand for New Yorkers?

New York is such a vibrant and artistic place, so our hand-painted
prints are a perfect fit for New Yorkers.  The fact is, New Yorkers
set the standard for long work days, and we need to be able to breeze from the office to errands to the restaurant without a costume change.  Leota makes that effortless.

Credit to: Leota
Credit to: Leota

In a time where so many are heavily involved in the body positivity movement, how does Leota help women shine from the inside?

We are ardent feminists over here at Leota, but we also walk the walk.  We have expanded our collections to include Full Figure and Maternity, and now Children’s line we call littleLeota, because our mix of comfort and style is for everyone.  We aren’t one of those brands that fit just one body type or just one type of woman. Our bold artistic prints and flattering comfortable designs empower women to feel confident in their work – whether that work is at home or on Wall Street.

And lastly, who is a Leota woman? Who in New York is most likely to be seen in one of Carson’s designs?

Leota dresses are designed to highlight your confidence and optimism. Leota is a print-driven collection and it takes a certain boldness to wear a print rather than the relentless neutrals out there. We are all different shapes and sizes and that’s a beautiful thing. Leota designs quite differently than your average fashion brand, in that our dresses fit on women with all different body types.

I was walking through the city on Tuesday and spotted a woman wearing a Leota dress.  Even as the company continues to grow, this is still such a thrilling moment for me. It never gets old.  We have a policy called Leota in the Wild” and whenever we spot someone wearing one of our designs, we offer them a free dress. She made my day by choosing Leota, and I hope I made hers!

Credit to: Leota
Credit to: Leota

For more information on Leota, check out their official site.