Credit to: GrizzlyKiki

Last time, we had a Wizard of Oz challenge, and I’m still reeling that THIS was when they brought in a bunch of reality TV actress from Little Women LA. Robbie left, and Derrick broke down and no one really cared much.In the workroom, Thorgy says he is SO ready for Derrick or Chi Chi to go. This bitch-fest (which, has anyone used the Shade Tree? Why was that even created?) is interrupted by RuPaul talking about shade, and brings in the pit crew, plus a whole gaggle of Andrew Christian underwear models. There’s some game where the queens are given random facts about the models (This one LOVES chocolate!! That one takes bubble baths every day!!! The other one would totally eat a whole sleeve of Oreos in one sitting if he was allowed to have carbs!!) and the queens have to guess if the model is a top or a bottom.

I’m going to let Elaine Stritch talk for me about this challenge.

No really. Sure, they’re hot, but enough with the fucking underwear models, already! Anyway, they’re almost all bottoms, because, that’s the joke.

The maxi challenge is another election based challenge. Huh. The last one was four years ago, wasn’t it? Anyway, they get paired off to be each other’s rivals and create political attack ads against the other person. This could be fun, or this could be terrible.

Thorgy immediately has a gaspillion ideas and has indexed them. Chi Chi’s not saying anything.  Derrick is playing along with Bob because he wants to win. Naomi and Kim Chi giggle in the corner.

The queens meet with Carson and Michelle, and it goes about as expected. Derrick, though, REALLY brings it, though the editing makes her seem dumb and racist. Thorgy drops the ball, I think, but then again, editing. She does carry a TON of cue cards with her, and immediately gets lost trying to edit them, again, in her head.

The mainstage will be black and white something or other. At first, I thought we were SPECIFICALLY going for 1920’s Hollywood glamour, in black and white, but instead, this seems to just be an homage to Detox, which is cool, I liked that look. But still.

The political ads are pretty good. No one absolutely sucks, and despite some mishaps, everyone’s was cohesive and made me laugh at least once. Derrick and Bob turn each other into monsters. Chi Chi and Thorgy created characters and really tried to embody them. Naomi really went full drag queen realness. Kim Chi allowed herself to be made fun of, and then hit the message home about how shitty we, as a gay community are, towards each other.

And I’m gonna take a moment here for some real talk. Kim Chi said that she gets sick of seeing “No fats, no femmes, no Asians,” and is all three. RuPaul talks about loving yourself on a daily basis, yet the show opened up with a stupid challenge involving underwear models standing around giggling while we all tried to guess if they are a top or a bottom. Every single show has the pit crew, who’s sole purpose is to be oogled at, and in none of these cases, are these guys anything other than traditionally attractive “masculine” looking guys. The bar I was in erupted in cheers at this, but it was an audience of 95% white or white looking guys, who all had the same hair, waist size, pant cut, facial hair, mannerism, political buttons, and all seemed to be in relationships with each other (there was a group of younger bear types, but they all were wearing the same shorts, hats, type of shirt, and facial hair, and all had a bottle of beer in their hands). So, what the fuck, gay people? Why do we pretend to give a shit about diversity and then turn around and go right back to being exclusionary and jerks the moment we get a chance to show how not fucked up we are? The drag queen hosting the viewing party was certainly calling people out, but most people were so tight in their group that they could just giggle and go back to pretending they aren’t apart of the problem. Well, that and most of them were drunk by this point in time, too.

Anyway, now that THAT’S out of my system, Michelle says what everyone is thinking, that this is a solid top six. There’s no one who out right sucks, though there are people who are better than others (like, no one REALLY thought that Dida Ritz or Tatianna were going to WIN, but we still thought they were doing a good job).  Bob and Derrick win! And they win something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. Thorgy and Chi Chi are on the bottom two. Huh. That’s going to suck. The song is “And I Am Telling You” from Dreamgirls, and it’s really anyone’s game right now. There’s a lot of Chi Chi, but she spends half the time looking awkward, and Thorgy looks pretty on point… until she ends in a cartwheel.

Ok, this is one of those moments that Bob talks about where people are all “Well, if I was on Drag Race, this is what I would do!!” Know your song, and understand stillness. Stillness is really powerful, folks. You park your ass in the middle of that runway and preach like the Rapture is happening AS WE SPEAK. If anything, it’ll mean the other queen won’t get to use that part of the stage and will be effectively blocked off, so that’s a plus. Take me to church.

Chi Chi ends up staying and Thorgy goes home. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Thorgy wasn’t terrible, but she did like to make excuses. Chi Chioften seems like Tyra Sanchez, after hitting rock bottom and on the way up. That’s not bad, mind you. But there’s still a lot of hurdles to get over, and Chi Chi doesn’t seem to have the mint green dress hiding away. Also, Tyra could BEAT her face and had the most amazing wigs.

With Thorgy out, this seems like we should just crown Bob, now. What do you think?