Last time, Thorgy and ChiChi lip synced and Thorgy went home. ChiChi very much did a better job but she could have done just as well against … I dunno… let me just pick a name at random  . . .  Derrick Berry, and done just as well. There was no reason to send Thorgy home.

Afterwards, everyone’s sad. Thorgy’s parting words were to instruct the other gwurls to take down Bob. No one’s sure if she’s joking, but ChiChi destroys the message before it self destructs or anyone else can really think about it.

And then we get to talk about Derrick. She needs to do her eyebrows differently. This will be a theme so… get ready? I dunno. They made the show 90 minutes long but padded it with sob stories and cat fights, so, business as usual.

The mini challenge is the puppet show and everyone’s been given 20 minutes to drag up their puppet. I guess this has been a hit since season 4, but it seems superfluous since we just had the reading challenge. Derrick is really mean to Naomi, but in the guise of being shady, and the gets upset when Naomi reads her, as well. What did you expect?

The main challenge is going to be done in three parts. It’s another one of those ball things, and it’s supposed to be autobiographical. The first look is baby-couture. The second is supposed to be inspired by the queens’ mothers. And the last is supposed to be made from books and represent the queens.

And then we spend twenty minutes of Naomi and Derrick yelling at each other. I’ll condense it down for you. “Your face always looks the same and you never glue down your eyebrows!” “How dare you tell me that my makeup sucks!!!! You can’t do anything but pose!! I’ll bet you can’t even turn left!!” Just put that on a loop for 20-30 minutes.

Well, almost. Interspersed with all this are the queens talking about their moms. I guess that’s why Thorgy had to go, since she done already had herses moment of empathy for her mom.

The queens get surprised with more stuff to do, and have to create an opening number based on Amy Sedaris’ character Jerri Blank. Naomi has never heard of Strangers with Candy. I’m just gonna let that sink in.

Meanwhile, Kim calls out Bob for her makeup. Everyone’s gloves are off tonight. Bob does admit that she needs to be more glamorous for Michelle, and is worried about how to pull that off.

The next morning, Naomi swallows her disgust at Derricks’ eyebrows and helps in whatever way she can. That being said, everyone agrees that no one can actually HELP Derrick. And thus we move to the actual runway.

Kim Chi has the most coherent storied looks, and wins. Bob and Derrick are in the bottom two. Bob looks like she understands why she’s there. Derrick looks… determined… but is quickly outshone by Bob. Derrick goes home, and we’re all just a little happier, though I do think that red wig looks great on her and she needs to find a way to incorporate it, even though it’s more Jessica Rabbit and less Britney.

Top Four, dolls!!!! Will Naomi join Tatianna, Dida Ritz, and Detox in the gallery of queens who just didn’t make it? Will ChiChi ever get her Chipotle? Stay tuned!!!