Yes you read it right, nowadays surf and turf is not only devoted to delectable menu items. There is a new trend in the fitness world that has everyone going insane, SurfSet & Sand Classes, which the masses are taking at the uber-popular Crunch Gym.

Featured at Crunch Gym, this class is designed circuit style where the instructor applies weighed sandbags and a Ripsurfer X, which is aimed to simulate real surfing. Just when you thought surfing was all fun and amusing, this class demonstrates just how much energy and muscles it really takes to engage in the sport.

Prior to taking the class, I will admit I was quite nervous, considering I never surfed nor thought about it so the idea of pushing myself to that limit intimidated me a bit. The instructor Kamaye was extremely pleasant and understanding of my beginner level fitness ability, and ensured me it would be a enjoyable experience.


Yes it was fun! The fact that we had partners through the classes took the edge off. While I would be planking and squatting on the surfboard, my partner would be putting those 10lb sandbags to use doing stand-up stretches, then eventually we would switch.

Sweating my life away I could not help but think how much easier these exercises looked on ABC’S Shark Tank. After seeing this innovative way of working out on TV the trend has took Crunch Gym by storm and has people wanting to sign up week after week.


Offered at Crunch’s TriBeCa & Park Avenue location, it is worth what ever schlep you may have to take after work to get there. After one class your body will feel like its one day closer to having the physique of a professional surfer.

Despite my body still being sore I would surely go back and ride the wave again!

Also, if you are interested in trying one of these classes out, or experiencing Crunch as a whole, Manhattan Digest has these great guest passes to try out!  Just follow the link for more information!