Everyone is familiar with the Lower East Side and the numerous of bars/lounges and restaurants that continue to pop up in the area. Yet does anyone sit back and realize how much history is on the streets that surround this trendy neighborhood. The Lower East Side is filled with remnants of a once booming garment industry where men could head down Orchard Street and pick up tailor made pants while women could head to Zarin Fabrics to purchase materials to upholster household items.

Even though the tailors of the Lower Est Side still exist, the presence of Zarin Fabrics overshadow them till this day.

Located on 69 Orchard Street, Zarin Fabrics is a significant staple of the neighborhood that everyone is aware of whether your from the L.E.S or appreciate interior design.

Opened in 1936, Harry Zarin had a vision of devising an empire of all things related to fabric, building his business of a one-stop market for any and everything need related to design. This year will commemorate 80 years of how the family run business maintained its legacy of being one of the largest discounted fabrics suppliers within the tri-state.

zarin showroom

Moreover one of the ways Zarin has managed to stand strong in a neighborhood that is continuously changing is by changing with it. Patrons can now riffle through a fairly new showroom where they can buy furniture, home furnishings, and gift items that were manufactured from independent artist.

All of this makes this showroom and its items more exclusive to the purchaser.

If you never had the chance to visit Zarin Fabrics you’re missing out. Where else can you go and shop thousands of unique fabrics while feeling like you stepped back into the 20th century with the wooden floors and high industrial ceilings.

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If that doesn’t sell you, then the fact that this is the only place to find Robert Allen Madcap Cottage Collection outside of his own stores exemplifies how Zarin continues to make history with many more to come!

For more information on Zarin Fabrics, check out their official site.