Credit: Rick Eberle

Ever walk into a gym and instantly feel intimidated by all of the hefty machines and macho men around. Well walking into the Ultimate Training Center, I had those same anxieties, minus the spectators.

I was immediately captivated by the many heavy weighted instruments and started pondering to myself “Where are the cardio and elliptical machines?”, “What am I suppose to do on these?”

Located in East Midtown, this training center is very unique in its class. Their approach to getting people in shape is completely different when compared to anything I experienced.

The trainers Daniel and Will gave me an extensive briefing about the facility and exactly what Pure Conditioning is and how it is more effective than the normal workout we do. Pure Conditioning allows the person to meditate and focus more while exercising at much slower and steady pace.

Yes I know this sounds crazy right , why would we want to exercise slow, but it actually makes sense. The slower you move while weight lifting the harder your muscles are working.  “Static holds” and “negatives” are some of the techniques used while using the weight machines, like shown in the picture below.

C80D95BA-68F8-44C9-881B-8A0603085B2BFurthermore, that is exactly what my body experienced. I never knew that I could lift anything over 50lbs, however using the Pure Conditioning techniques of breathing and focusing, I was able to lift 3x that amount.

With each new exercise I experienced a feeling of shakiness of pushing myself simultaneously with a sense of pride of actually pushing myself.

This ideology of pushing yourself to the limit is the exact basis of Pure Conditioning which is why some people prefer it.

Credit: Rick Eberle
Credit: Rick Eberle

If you’re ever interested in stopping by The Ultimate Training Center, see Daniel Pachter, he is very attentive and communicative while pushing you and your body. For more information on Pure Conditioning, check out their official site.