Credit: Victoria Marie PR

Calling all blowout fanatics!! Fancy a free blowout today? Well look no further than the user-friendly iPhone app Vive. Salons across the Metro area have teamed up with Vive to give back to the great people of New York. They decided you needed a treat, ergo Free Blowout Day. Users are invited to download the app for free and choose from over 200 affiliated salons in New York City and Brooklyn to receive a complimentary blowout on August 3rd! Book your appointment between the hours of 10am and 5pm and receive confirmation via text or email or both.  Just go to and sign up one of four different ways; with the usual suspects Facebook and Instagram, or also by downloading the app or referring friends. Upon completion you will be emailed the code to redeem your free blowout!

But first, a backstory. Vive is at the forefront of the beauty community by making it easier for anyone to stay gorgeous last minute. Have that unplanned party pop up? No problem- Vive can help. They offer exclusive access to the aforementioned 200+ top rated salons in not just New York but also the Hamptons and Chicago as well. (The August 3rd event is only offered in New York.) Vive has been featured in renowned fashion and beauty magazines such as Allure and Vogue, garnering much attention. They have taken out all the guess work by having you choose your top three locations and then whomever is available to take you at your desired time wins. And you do too, because you’re getting in last minute. Think of it as a for hair appointments.

For your convenience Vive has also included some new features this month. Salons are better categorized and tagged due to customer feedback. This allowed Vive to learn which salons are best for which type of client and service meaning for example; some salons are good for a quick lunch break service while some are better with specific hair styles like va-va voom volume or curls. In addition to tailored styling knowledge, Vive also lets you see photos and customer ratings.  And as if this app wasn’t already as good as your birthday or something, now you can tip live on the app before you’ve even set foot in the salon. You have up to five hours before the appointment to change the amount. Salons that do not participate in this function will notify you ahead of time.

Credit: Victoria Marie PR
Credit: Victoria Marie PR

How the subscription works is that you choose from one of three flexible packages. Booking through Vive entitles you to special prices too! The packages are as follows, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Silver package is good for one blowout a month (valid 30 days from purchase) at the discounted price of $35.  The most popular package is Gold which allows you five blowouts (valid up to one year from date of purchase) for $165. That comes out to $33 a blowout and saves you 15%. The Platinum package is for the girl who knows she will get a lot of stylings in the year, and in my opinion the most beneficial package. It is set at $300 for the year and allows you 10 blowouts at $30 a piece, which is a savings of 20%. If you think about it, that’s less than one blowout a month and at those prices definitely a stellar deal! But guess what? Subscriptions are adjustable and Vive only charges you once you have run out, NOT monthly and yes blowouts can run over month-to-month. Beat that!

Some other really great features of the app are customizable profiles about yourself that let the salons know a little bit about your hair history. They can assign you to a stylist that perhaps knows your hair type well and can give you the best results. You are able to modify what kind of hair you have, color, texture etc. And your Vive profile also lets you keep a history of the salons you have visited with their tag Salon Preferences -so you can rank them return worthy or, for the birds and you will never forget not to go there again.

Ladies and Gents this is absolutely one of the best and most convenient apps out there right now. It would be disadvantageous to yourselves not to participate in the free blowout but also the continuing services provided as well. There’s only room to improve so imagine what Vive will think of next. If this is you’re thing than this is THEE app for you. Go on, try something new and feel good about leaving it beautiful. Who wouldn’t want that? For more information, check out their official site.