Sisley Spa
Credit: Sisley Spa

The focus of the Sisley Spa experience seems to be service. During a recent visit to their 76th Street location inside the Carlyle Hotel, I wanted for nothing.  The staff made sure that I was well attended to from the moment I walked in until the moment I left.

I was having a particularly rough day at work and the cab ride from there to the upper east side was arduous and expensive due to traffic and a driver that didn’t listen to me.  When I walked out of the elevator, I was greeted not only by a very polished and beautiful reception area, but also the welcoming smiles of the Sisley Spa staff.  I apologized for being a few minutes late and they assured me everything was fine and that I would be well taken care of.  I think they could see the stress in my demeanor.

Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan
Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan

The locker room was warm and quiet.  I was provided with slippers and a robe and a warm fluffy towel.  Staff members invited me to sit in the relaxation room and wait for my therapist. Everything from the couches to the music and the infused water was thoughtfully prepared.  I was snuggly and warm and felt like Baby Bear.  Just right.

My technician, Zaharenia arrived and led me into the treatment area.  She explained that I was going to receive the Gentleman’s Facial, a 50 minute cleansing and massage therapy that is priced at $200.  To prep me for the facial, she adjusted the table so I was comfortable and gave me a light massage.  I was ready for a nap already.

Sisley centers around phyto-cosmetology and a number of their Phyto-Aromatic Treatments were used in my facial.  Zaharenia began by cleaning my skin with a Grapefruit Cleanser and a Floral Spray Mist.  Already, my skin felt fresher.  The combination of citrus, flowers, and herbs filled my nose with a relaxing aroma.  Steam bathed my face while Zaharenia worked her magic.

Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan
Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan

I wondered what one had to go through to learn the skills that Zaharenia had developed.  She told me that she began her training in Europe, where she studied for two years, and then did even more training after relocating to the states.  Regulations are a bit more stringent here, so she had even more training.  Add that to her years of experience working in the field and you realize why her hands so masterfully navigated the muscles of my face.

After cleansing and a hot towel on my face, I was treated to a Hydra-flash Intensive Formula and an Eye Contour Mask. These removed the dead skin and prepared my face for the blemish removal process.  I was beginning to realize that this isn’t something that someone does as a one-off.  This is a therapeutic process.  Zaharenia informed me that most people, in order to maintain their healthy skin will pay a visit every 4 to 6 weeks, while those with less problematic skin can indulge seasonally.

Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan
Credit: J. Benjamin Ryan

Another hot towel to remove the masks and then the Sisleyum Dry/Normal Anti-Aging Skincare was applied.  This was accompanied by a more intense facial massage to really relax my muscles, and because they are attached to my head, my shoulders were given a good kneading as well.  I was blissfully relaxed and informed that I could take my time getting back into my robe.  I quietly thanked Zaharenia for her service.

As I made my way back to the locker room, the staff offered me a glass of champagne and some more infused water (mmm strawberry water) and delivered it to me as I was admiring my reborn skin.  I felt like I was in my twenties again.  I couldn’t see those little wrinkles around my eyes.  There were no blackheads around my nose.  I was camera ready (but camera shy).  Showers and a steam room are available for your enjoyment.

Sisley offers an entire menu of services centered around their plant based and aromatherapeutic treatments.  Facials, Intraceuticals Oxygen Experiences, massage, and body treatments are available, ranging in price from around $50 to $500.  There is also an entire line of skin care products available to the consumer.  I have been enjoying the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream and the Moisturizer with Cucumber since my visit and it is doing a great job of helping to maintain my skin.

Sisley Spa is located in the Carlyle Hotel at 35 East 76th Street on the 3rd floor, and can be reached at 212.660.7560.