Summer is a time for reflection. A time for sweating profusely and trekking amidst your fellow humanfolk to otherwise quaint rural destinations. It’s a time for outdoor gatherings and indoor hypothermia. Eating-wise, cool foods with incredible produce are about as summer as it gets.   This is the idea that our favorite Manhattan food delivery service, Maple, has come up with for something truly spectacular for your taste buds to enjoy.

Enter Steak Salad Week ! This week and this week only, they’ve joined forces with our friends at Epicurious to ensure Maple is the epicenter of epic epicurean steak salads. Upon that timeless canvas they’ve collabo’d across several tasty media—among them chipotle coffee marinades, blue cheese and spicy korean chili dressings, bright summer veggies and pomegranate seeds. Each day and/or night means a different summer steak salad for lunch and/or dinner.   Some of these delicious options include Korean Steak and Hearty Grain Bowl, Moroccan Steak & Feta Salad, and more!  Tasty, healthy, and yummy.  What more could you ask for?

They encourage dining with these seasonal mélanges in your favorite park, arctic conference room or sweat lodge studio apartment, all week long. We hope they make this Summer Steak Salad Week one to remember for weeks to come!  For more information on Maple, check out their official site.