Credit: Rick Eberle

The New York dance scene is always one that is on the up and up, especially with many huge artists like The Chainsmokers, Skrillex and Calvin Harris blowing up the charts with their infectious beats.  With the industry booming, there is always a fresh crop of new artists who are looking to make their mark on the dance industry and more.  One particular artist that comes to mind is Juliet Huns, who is poised to take all of it on this year and beyond.

Having released her debut EP “Behind the Scenes” this past April, Singer/Songwriter Juliet Huns has brought a soulful yet powerful compilation of danceable hits onto a scene constantly cluttered with less-than-unique musings and thrown-together beats. As a rising talent, she’s been able to harness her positive energy into songs that deal with everything from the complicated consequences of love to the limits one takes in judging others.

Born in Kenya and raised in Ghana, the 20 year old Huns started her career at the age of 15 (though she’d been singing as soon as she was able to speak as a child), recording her first single “Karibu” with Ghanaian Dancehall sensation Stonebwoy. Then in 2015, she recorded her second single “Touch My Body” with Ghanaian singer Stay-Jay.

Credit: Rick Eberle
Credit: Rick Eberle

Making her new home in Los Angeles this past January 2016, she recorded “Behind The Scenes” with Producer Luke Sanchez followed by shooting the music video for single Gone about “falling in love with the wrong person and being captivated in that disruptive love”. The video encapsulates the struggle through a combination of powerful imagery and perspective.

This past July, she was included as part of a deluxe album release with producer Jonathan Hay along with Mike Smith and King Tech of BET’s TV Show “One Shot”.  She is also currently in the studio working on a new single with producer Luke Sanchez.   “I’ve always been a rebel. Not a bad rebel, but a good one in the sense that I always fight for my dreams and what I believe in — regardless of who’s supporting me.”

With the new EP already garnering praise, RNB XCLUSIVE says “If natural talent is something you don’t believe in.. give her a moment and let her passionate voice testify in all its glory” along with So Raspy touting her “International rise”.

With much more in store for the coming months, Juliet Huns is sure to keep nourishing her creative soul to bring more incredible music and live performances to the world of dance/pop music! But to hear for yourself, check out “Behind The Scenes” today!

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