Yes we all know it’s a bitter sweet feeling that comes with the ending of August and the realization that the summer is slowly expiring. What does this mean for New Yorkers? No more outdoor music festivals, the days get shorter and the worst of all no more rose!!

However if you’re like us you wouldn’t care about the unwritten rule of only drinking rose in the summer and carry this drink with you into fall.

This week Ruffino showed us that the summer time vibe never has to end nor does the craving for rosé by letting us sip a glass (or two) while making ice cream.

20160824_032630That is right DIY ice cream & Ruffino Rosé is the perfect combination. There are not too many places in the city that will allow you to mix and match tasty toppings while churning your own ice cream, besides CoolMess.

20160824_021420CoolMess is a ice cream parlor on the Upper East Side that has built a name by allowing the customers to get up close and personal with the ice cream making process.

coolmessSo of course it made sense for Ruffino & CoolMess to collaborate and give New Yorkers that infinite feeling that summer will never end. Moreover nothing says everlasting summer season than ice cream and rosé. If only we can make a rose flavored ice cream then we would really be winning, trust we asked!

If you’re ever in the Upper East Side and feel like re-living those easy bake oven days in the form of a interactive pick me up then CoolMess is the place!