Credit: Del Frisco's

Summer might almost be over but executive chef Brian Christman at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse has created a dish to help that summer feeling last just a little bit longer.

The Lobster Tortellini isn’t on the menu, so you have to be in the know, and also be there before Del Frisco’s runs out. A limited batch is made, every morning, with fresh lobster, goat cheese and chive, wrapped in handmade pasta, and covered in a cream sauce spiced with Old Bay seasonings, among other things. Many creamy pasta sauces are pretty heavy, but these tortellinis are much lighter than you’d expect. They make a perfect appetizer to share, or you can order a few for a meal. There is a limited amount made, per day, and they aren’t on the menu, so be sure to ask your waiter about these!

Pair these with the Larry’s Lemonade, another summery drink, bourbon based. Now, again, bourbon isn’t a drink that makes me think of summer, though it is one of my standards, but Del Frisco’s smashes that concept. The drink is light and not so sweet, with the bourbon kick underneath. It’s different enough from the regular summer beverages, but still manages to work in the right amount of sweet, spicy, and tart.

Credit to: Quinn PR
Credit to: Quinn PR

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