Yes you read that right. There are not too many places in the city where you can get flavorful Mexican food while enjoying the surround sound from large screen TV’s.

In a neighborhood that is unique for a wide range of cuisines, Flatiron is a melting pot filled with places to entertain any foodie. This brings us to Campeon, a lively Mexican Sports Restaurant & Bar that caters to all crowds looking to revel in a night out. Not your typical sports bar, Campeon features a vast menu with vintage Mexican dishes putting a exclusive Manhattan twist on things.

IMG_8299-IMG_8301There is everything here that every New Yorker wants out of a restaurant. A presentable outside seating area to make people watching more interesting while you gulp down your delicious margaritas. And if the 80 inch TV’S are not enough, the DJ playing the latest & old school tunes should get you in a mood to loosen up after work.

Outside of the decor, the food is AMAZING!! The best Guacamole I have ever tasted and that could be because everything is fresh and made to order. Everything from the tacos to the Plancha Pressed Chicken will make you fall in love with this place just like I did.


Next time you and friends or co-workers are looking for a place to regroup, look no further for Campeon is the spot!!  For more information, check out their official site.