Credit: Truly Sparkling

The arrival of fall brings us the return of many of our favorite shows to watch with our friends and family in and out of Manhattan. Whether your are excited to kick back with a comedy or gather friends for the new season of their favorite thriller, Truly Spiked & Sparkling (5% ABV) has a specialty cocktail for every TV-watching occasion. These delicious lower-calorie recipes are the perfect complement to any fall TV premiere.

According to a recent survey 45% of drinkers following a wellness routine found it difficult to be social at times because events often revolved around unhealthy food and drink. Now, your readers can host a buzzworthy viewing party without having to skimp on the fun! Truly Spiked & Sparkling is just 100 calories, 1 gram of sugars and 2 grams of carbs per serving.

Here are the cocktails from Truly Spiked & Sparking that we think pairs well with some of the top TV shows we binge on watching.

New Girl (Sept. 20th) + Truly Americano

With the return of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional roommates, why not pay tribute to the gang’s made-up game True American with a Truly Americano? Though the rules are very elaborate and never fully explained, this cocktail is simple and delicious.

Modern Family (Sept. 20th) + Truly Sangria

This drink has a little bit of everything mixed in and is meant to be shared. Make a big pitcher to serve to all the people you love (over 21, that is) and get ready to laugh!

Empire (Sept. 21st) + Truly Spicy Rita

Cookie’s fiery one-liners are even more enjoyable when paired with the Truly Spicy Rita. This spicy drink may be even more heated than the family drama that is sure to unfold this season.

Shark Tank (Sept. 23rd)  + Truly Moscow Mule          

This cocktail comes together so perfectly, any of the Sharks would agree to invest! The dash of ginger beer creates a sessionable version of a Moscow Mule so you can enjoy all of the drama.

The Walking Dead (Oct. 23rd) + Truly Spritzer

With the delicate grapefruit aromatics, this cocktail will have your guests running back to your bar for another round like there’s a flock of undead behind them.

And here are the recipes to go along with!

Credit: Truly Sparkling
Credit: Truly Sparkling

Truly Americano: Make the Truly Americano to take your celebrations to a new level. A lighter ABV cocktail makes it great for afternoon parties gearing up for fireworks.


6 oz Truly Lime

1 oz Campari

1 oz Sweet Vermouth

To Make:

Combine ingredients

Garnish with an orange twist or peel.

Credit: Truly Sparkling
Credit: Truly Sparkling

Truly Sangria: This easy-to-make sangria recipe is a great choice for entertaining large groups, hosting brunch, or preparing for a long afternoon at the pool or beach.Substitute winter citrus for a refreshing twist on a holiday punch bowl.


6 oz Truly Pomegranate

2 oz red wine

Assorted Citrus Fruits (Oranges, etc.)

Assorted Fresh Berries (Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)


To Make: 

In advance, soak fruit in brandy.

Combine 6 oz Truly Pomegranate and 2 oz red wine in a red wine glass over ice

Garnish with orange slice

NOTE: To make batch sangria, use 3:1 ratio of Truly Pomegranate to red wine. 

Credit: Truly Sparkling
Credit: Truly Sparkling

Truly Spicy Rita: By substituting lime juice and OJ for sour mix, this spicy drink with a refreshing kick from Truly Lime is a great alternative to a heavy margarita for weekend festivities or happy hour.


6 oz Truly Lime

1 oz chili pepper infused tequila

Dash of Lime Juice

Dash of Orange Juice

Pinch of Salt for garnish

Thinly sliced chili pepper for garnish

To Make:

Combine Truly Lime, dash of lime juice & dash of OJ with 1 oz chili pepper-infused tequila.

Pour over ice and rim glass with salt and garnish with a pepper slice floating on drink.

Credit: Truly Sparkling
Credit: Truly Sparkling

Truly Moscow Mule: Adding a dash of ginger beer to Truly Lime instantly creates a sessionable version of a Moscow Mule, with a shot of vodka for some extra kick.


6 oz Truly Lime

1oz Vodka

1 oz ginger beer

To Make:

  Combine 1 oz vodka and 1 oz ginger beer in a pint over ice

  Top off with Truly Lime

  Add Lime for garnish

Truly Spritzer: A white wine spritzer to keep you feeling refreshed. Can also be scaled up to a punch bowl or batch cocktail using 3 parts Truly: 1 part white wine ratio.


6 oz Truly Grapefruit

2 oz White Wine (e.g. Sauvignon Blanc)

1 oz Orange Juice

Splash of Lemon Juice

To Make:

Combine Truly Grapefruit, white wine, 1 oz OJ and a splash of lemon juice in a white wine glass.

Garnish with orange slices

NOTE: For a twist on this cocktail, try using 1 oz grapefruit juice instead of OJ and lemon juice for the ultimate “grapefuity” cocktail.