Ikura Alfredo. Credit: Todd Coleman

Everyone loves Brooklyn, all for different reasons whether it be how distinct the culture is compared to Manhattan or the chill vibe Brooklynites have. This borough has become the melting pot for creatives from all walks of life and you can see this exemplified as you navigate through each neighborhood.  Today we’re telling you why we love Downtown Brooklyn and it is because of Ganso Yaki.

Chef Rick Horiike.  Credit: Todd Coleman
Chef Rick Horiike. Credit: Todd Coleman

Inspired from Japanese street food, Ganso Yaki is the sibling to ramen-ya Ganso which is a few blocks away. Owner Harris Salat and executive chef Rick Horiike have struck gold or should I say gorudo by this expansion.

Wagu Stroganoff.  Credit: Todd Coleman
Wagu Stroganoff. Credit: Todd Coleman

With each dish being classified as Japanese soul food the menu is filled with an assortment of divine options to choose from.The plates are made to share making easy to try multiple things with friends without over eating.

The night started with Hijiki, a Japanese seaweed that is simmered in a sweet sauce. The slight fishy taste that comes with seaweed is easily balanced out by the sweetened sauce sprinkled on top of it, creating so many emotions with every chew.

Next option was the Teriyaki Salmon Skewers. The salmon was very succulent and tender to the touch. By looking at the salmon and how soft it was appeared one would not except a charred bbq taste to come from it. Instantly your eyes are viewing one thing while your taste buds are experiencing another!

Yoskoku Steak. Credit: Todd Coleman
Yoskoku Steak. Credit: Todd Coleman

There are so many traditional Japanese dishes accompanied with a twist for the main courses like their Asari Clam & Ikura Alfredo each dish featured by Wafu Pasta. I decided to go with the Yoshoku Steak. The steak was grilled after being marinated in a sesame soy sauce, if you enjoy a healthy steak then this option is for you. Each bite was sour from the soy sauce marinate yet the taste was proportionate from it sitting on the grill. The Spicy Mayo dipping sauce  which is made from fermented chili gave the steak the extra kick it needed. If you’re into spicy food you’ll be begging for a doggy bag of the stuff to go.

Yaki Shumai. Credit: Todd Coleman
Yaki Shumai. Credit: Todd Coleman

With all of this food I manged to find room for desert especially because they have a new dessert menu.

The Green Tea Chocolate Layer Cake was amazing to say the least! I never thought a cake could be moist and firm at the same time with neither quality over powering each other. Just enough chocolate topped with a strawberry!

Yuan Yaki Mackerel. Credit: Todd Coleman
Yuan Yaki Mackerel. Credit: Todd Coleman

Ganso Yaki is wonderful addition to Ganso family of restaurants. Be sure to make your way there for dinner and you early birds no fear they have worthy happy hour menu as well!

To check out their menu click here.