You never realize how complex the world of towels can be until you step foot into a showroom filled with them. As a New Yorker, when we go towel shopping, one primary aspect we look for are specific color schemes, neglecting the other aspects that go into selecting the perfect set.  This is where MicroCotton comes in.


MicroCotton is a well renowned brand known for making ultra soft luxurious home and hospitality textiles. Like fashion trends, textile trends shift every season opening the door for many innovative designs for us to bring into the bathroom.

Today we are highlighting MicroCotton’s ECO-friendly line which promotes a healthier and happier environment for all.

When we say ECO-friendly, we’re not only referring to the fact that this line is made from 100% recycled fibers, it also ties into the conditions in which they are produced in.

With the facility housing one of the largest rooftop solar panels to there being zero liquid effluent discharge in the process I can’t  imagine why one wouldn’t indulge.

I know when some hear the words “recycled”, especially when it comes to fabrics, they may fear the delicate and cushy qualities that towels have are jeopardized. The same signature qualities that other MicroCotton collections have, like being remarkably absorbent and extremely comfortable, are not compromised.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

Another great attribute is that this collection is easy to purchase along with other MC collections at Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s and more.

Ever wondered how you can subconsciously contribute to better-ness of of environment, then try drying of with one of these babies, trust you won’t regret it!!