Credit: Jim Thompson

Have you traveled to the Big Apple to further your singing career? There are many talented singers in New York City, and you may need voice training lessons to stand out from the crowd.

Here are other tips that will make you a better singer:

Get voice training

To become a better singer, you need to have voice training lessons. Just like exercising, your voice is a muscle that needs to be worked out. Training with voice lessons in NYC will allow you to master the art of singing.

A voice coach will teach you the best techniques for developing your unique voice.

Are you in school? You should join the school choir. This way, you will become a better singer and learn how to sing with other people. Starting out in a group will also help you to build your confidence.

Know your range

Knowing your range and sticking to it is a big part of becoming a better singer. Some people have wider ranges than others do. Therefore, you need to find your sweet spot to be a better singer.

To find your range, start by singing the highest note that you can sing and go down to the lowest. Compare your notes to piano notes if you want to find your range faster.

Focus on breathing

To be a good singer, you need to learn how to breathe properly. Breathing through your stomach instead of chest will give you better voice control. To ensure that you are breathing correctly, place your hand on your belly and push it with your stomach as you take a breath.

Practice how to breathe through your belly every day until you learn how to do it properly. Do it while lying down or standing.

Proper singing posture

To sing well, you need to be in an upright position. Sitting contracts your muscles, hindering your ability to breathe well. Stand straight while keeping your head in line with your shoulders and your spine straight – this is the best posture.

Warm up before singing

Singing does not count as warm up because you will be focusing on how you sound, not form and technique. Performing real warm ups will open up your range while isolating the problem areas. Warm ups are not meant to sound good. In fact, they sound obnoxious even if your singing voice is great.

Warm up your upper and lower voice. The former refers to your highest range while the latter is similar to your normal talking voice. Perform warm ups that stretch your mouth as well as tongue trills.

Credit: Jim Thompson
Credit: Jim Thompson

Sing daily

The more you sing, the stronger your voice will grow. Although everyone has a natural range, it is possible to stretch the lower and upper limits of your voice by singing daily. When singing your favorite songs, do not try to mimic the musicians; sing in your natural voice.

Keep your voice healthy

Drinking water frequently is important if you want your voice to sound amazing. Moreover, you need to avoid sweets and dairy before you sing. Such foods create excess mucus in your throat, making singing more difficult.

Smoking is also not a good idea because it damages the lungs and affects your vocal range. If you are a smoker, you should consider cutting down and eventually quitting.

Do not overuse your voice

Do not push your voice by singing too loudly or trying to stretch your vocal range. Just like muscles, the voice needs time to rest and recuperate. If your voice becomes hoarse, stop singing.

Above all, you have to work hard and work smart. This means practicing effectively and regularly, and never sacrificing proper technique. Make mistakes and be proud that you have the courage to try. Keep trying.