There are not too many places in the world where you can travel to that fascinates every single one of your needs.  As we know New York City is one of those places. So is Yotel.

This city is gigantic and the people who live and travel here make it much larger. As a result of this, the amount of hotels that make up this island is massive. All kinds of hotels that offer an array of amenities to get you through a night or a week.

Yotel is one place in particular that provides an out-of-this-world futuristic vibe without neglecting the sleekness that all modernize hotels have.

Located just two blocks from Times Square on 10th Ave and 42nd Street, Yotel is surely becoming the face of how hotels should combine luxury elements with modernize technology to attract gatherers.

yobotYotel is also home to Yobot the worlds first robotic luggage concierge (yes you read that right a robot that holds your luggage for you), If that doesn’t scream 2020 I don’t know what will.

With there being numerous styles of rooms to accommodate any party, their most popular space is the ‘Premium Cabins‘. What makes this cabin so special is the convertible smart beds that make for saving space.

vip-suite-bedroomIf the “transformer” like beds don’t sell you, then maybe the ‘First Cabins‘ or VIP Cabins‘ will.  One offers a terrace with a hot tub and the other has 360 degree views of Manhattan with rotating King Size Beds.

That impeccable view from the cabin can be seen from many areas on the property, like The Terrace. The space is 7,000 square feet and is the largest outdoor hotel space in NYC, so you can imagine how relaxing it can be to enjoy a cocktail while taking in the views around you!

terraceNot only is the terrace a place of relaxation, it also converts into a lounge complete with skyline views and film screenings in the summer about 4 times a week. Have no fret cause you can indulge in these movies screenings until mid-October.

I don’t know about you guys but I know where I will be booking my next stay-cation. Where else an I go and feel as if I stepped into ‘Star Wars’!




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