What happens when you combine a juice bar with a menu of healthy foods impacted with the same flavor of a slow prepared meal? You get Freshark.

Freshark Juice Bar & Grill is a new fast food dining option for those who live a healthy lifestyle and crave their favorite foods in a faster environment. For the most part, traditional fast food fares don’t cater to the people who eat organically and this place is the solution to that problem.

The first New York City location, 1026 2nd Avenue, was properly introduced to the city with an inaugural opening where patrons had the opportunity to taste items off of their wholesome menu.

During this soft opening, we had the chance to taste their most popular dishes and by the taste of things we anticipate Freshark will be shaking the Upper East Side by storm!

img_2751The sweet potato power cakes are part of the breakfast options for indulgers, however these are not your typical hot cakes as they are made with a sweet potato batter. If that doesn’t sell you then the fact that an egg white is wedged in between them sprinkled with turkey bacon pieces should be the ingredients to get your mouth watering cause it is as tasty as it sounds. Combining each of those distinct flavors on one sandwich makes you happy and healthy on this inside with each bite.

Next was the farmers salad which is compacted with an array of vegetables to keep you full. Some people feel eating a salad is a waste of time, comparing it to rabbit food that doesn’t stick to you. Nonetheless this particular salad is far from that with fresh grilled broccoli & sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers with lentils each providing a fulfilling taste with every bite. The grill taste from the broccoli combined with the peppers an onions is reminiscent to biting into a burger instead of green leafy salad.

texmex-wrapNow for the heavier lunch options there are wraps included with various ingredients, and if a wrap is not your thing then you have the option to make it bowl with the use of brown rice or quinoa.

The tex-mex wrap was the choice of the evening. How can you say no to a wrap that includes 3 different type of beans, pico de gallo, chipotle lime bbq sauce, shredded cheddar. The bbq sauce brings the slight spice of this wrap to the next level by adding texture to each bite, this was my favorite!

We predict this place becoming a hot spot for during lunch time for those who want a fulfilling lunch yet don’t want to pack on the calories in the process. One of Freshark’s founder Peter Kambitsis understands the importance of providing people with wholesome food inside and out by making the entire food process as organic as possible.

img_2768-1Whenever you get a chance head to their first New York City location and let us know what your is favorite dish.