Remember those college days of longing for a home cooked meal but instead you had to suffice for a PP&J sandwich to get you through. Well now those meal dreams have come true with Umi Kitchen.

Umi Kitchen is a new initiative to bringing you the bliss of a home cooked meal without the hassle of actually doing it. What is even better is that they deliver these meals straight to your door step, which is convenient for the typical New Yorker who has a million and one things going on.

First launched in Brooklyn earlier this year in April, Umi Kitchen has 6 full time chefs who work around the clock to provide this unique dining experience for indulgers.

unnamed-3People would order their meals at least an hour in advance, allotting the chefs an appropriate time window to prepare meals and deliver them pipping hot!

This experience is completely exclusive compared to the other restaurants who deliver, considering that Umi personalizes each plate with a hand written note. This is so reminiscent from the school lunch days when our parents left notes in our lunch boxes and we love that touch!!

co-founders-group-shotSitting down with the co- founders of Umi Kitchen, we found out that all cooks are local home cooks who prepare an array of cuisines from Vegan dishes to Thai plates.

And don’t you worry Manhattanites you too can utilize their services cause Umi just branched out into Manhattan two weeks ago.  So if you live in between Lower Manhattan and East Harlem you’re in luck!

veganquinoa-1Go download the app and prepare for your next “Netflix and Chill” night with a gourmet meal from Umi Kitchen.  We recently tried our first meal last week, and was thrilled with the results.  You will be too, trust us.  Happy Eating everyone!