Rhapsody in Blue, Retrospective
Empire State Building, NYC

Continuing on my last retrospective, I have chosen 5 photos that I believe most represent New York City.  My photography IS New York City.  I have taken hundreds of photos outside of the city but just like I am from New York, my art is also representative of who I am: a New Yorker.

Rockefeller Center is one of my favorite places in New York.  The art deco design is always awe inspiring.  This piece reminds me of a still frame from a silent film.  Classic yet mysterious, like the city itself.

A Silent Film
Rockefeller Center, NYC

Well, sometimes things just line up for you.  Literally.  This line of continuous taxis along Park Ave. was a great happenstance and begged for selective coloring in post editing.  Nothing more New York City than a yellow taxi!

Park Ave Parad
Park Ave., NYC

I love this photo because of the reaction I have gotten from it.  I was approached by an orchestra in New Jersey who was performing “A Rhapsody in Blue” and wanted to use it for their brochure.  I could hear the whine of an alto saxophone when I was editing this photo and I was thrilled it was selected by someone who clearly thought the same thing.

Rhapsody in Blue
Empire State Building, NYC

This image of an apartment building facade in Chelsea takes me back in time.  It looks like it could be from a Depression era tenement until you notice the air conditioning units.  It’s almost a neo-retro piece in that way, I can coin a new term.

Life in Chelsea
Chelsea, NYC