Urban Vegan Kitchen

Why does vegan food have such a bad reputation? To a carnivore, the mere thought of giving up all meats and dairy products makes them apprehensive, as if they’ll be eating “rabbit food” for the rest of their lives. However there is more to the world of Veganism than salads and brown rice and Urban Vegan Kitchen exemplifies this.

Urban Vegan Kitchen is a brand-new hot spot on Carmine Street that offers an array of sophisticated comfort food and specialty desserts. The inspiration for this new laid back and hip lounge came from the minds who are behind one of New York City’s largest vegan fast food chain, Blossom Du Jour.

uvk-mexican_street_corn-2Restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth and 10-year vegan expert David Tianga teamed up to create opulent street food a la plant based, with hopes of cracking the unfavorable stereotypes associated with vegan food.

uvk_lasagnaUVK also launched Chris’ Cathouse and Soul Lounge which is located on the lower level of the Carmine Street location. This is destined to be an all around go-to spot for the New Yorker looking to recline during the day, eat good food, and have a drink while working on their latest project all in one place. At night, UVK will host a variety of themed events including educational sessions, music nights, and meditative offerings. 

img_4602So its safe to say this place is more than gourmet innovative vegan food its more like a movement!

UVK is here to influence people to feel connected with themselves and others through tasty vegan food! And that you will once you arrive there. If you’re ever in the Soho area and looking for some inventive dishes then Urban Vegan Kitchen is the place!

Urban Vegan Kitchen is located at 43 Carmine Street.  For more information on this tasty and amazing place, check out their official site.



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