No Kid Hungry
Credit: No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry is an initiative that brings awareness to the complex predicaments that every child may or may not experience involving food. This campaign informs people of the statistics of how many kids face hunger while providing solutions on how to end childhood starvation.

One interactive way to get people involved with this hardship is by hosting a Friendsgiving. We all love our friends, their like our 2nd families so why not combine food and wine for a good cause.

No Kid Hungry hosted a Friendsgiving cooking class where Hilary Rhoda & Rachel Hilbert stopped by to learn how to make Stuffing and Turkey from scratch, taught by Chef James Briscione.

twkp-november-10-2016-no-kid-hungrygq4a9759Mixologist Eamon Rockey made sure the party was complete with a step by step showcase on how to construct a custom-made gin & tonic, with each step being imperative to the taste.

As the night went on, the large group soon split into three smaller groups to get the real party started with COOKING! The sport of cooking may not be everyone’s specialty however when doing it in a group it makes things less tense while assisting and you’ll be able to shift the blame when things don’t turn out a certain way, ha!

twkp-november-10-2016-no-kid-hungrygq4a9604There were two tables that focused on the from-scratch- stuffing with the last table preparing the turkey. After realizing what fixings and tools are necessary for each dishes it will be hard to contain your excitement of actually cooking something.

Everyone in the group had a specific task that contributed to the end result, can you say teamwork! Once everything was done, that last thing to do was a smell test. The smell test is where you confirm that all of those spices you worked with actually accomplished something.

No Kid Hungry
Credit: No Kid Hungry

Now its your turn to join in on the fun and turn your Friendsgiving into a fundraiser for hungry kids. Simply click here to get the full details. And be sure to use the hashtag #FRIENDSGIVING & #NOKIDHUNGRY to share your experience with the world.

Your Friendsgiving can make a difference too! Sign up to host a Friendsgiving celebration this holiday season and turn it into a fundraiser for hungry kids.