Thanksgiving week is the finest week for some. You know that anticipated family time including good eats and drinks. For others, this is the week where they face the guilt of overindulging while attempting to eat their problems away.

No matter which side of the fence you fall on, you’ll try to figure out a way to get snatched for the New Year. And let’s be honest, we don’t want to be part of the New Year, New Me mob, we obliged to get the ball rolling way before then.

If you’re not familiar with IMAXShift, then this is the perfect time for you to get so. This is not your ordinary mundane cycling class where you’re focused on the person next to you that you contemplate leaving, oh wait is that just me. With this experience, you and you’re bike is sitting in front of a 2 story IMAX screen, making it easy for one to get lost in the screen and not the exercise.

dsc_0525Located in DUMBO, Brooklyn IMAXShift allows up to 50 riders at a time to get grooving. They offer Signature Rides that come from a library of aerial flyovers, abstract visuals and music videos. Then there are Themed Rides ( which are our favorite) that vary from Beyonce vs Jay-Z, East Coast vs West Coast Hip-Hop & Disclosure vs Diplo.  During these classes you seriously have the urge to get off the bike and shimmy or just dance away while you ride.

See how you already forgot that this was an exercise.

The technology that goes into this unique workout is innovative as well. IMAXShift is assembled around the essential components of the IMAX experience. A giant 40′ wide x 24′ high curved IMAX screen along with specially made sound system the sub-woofers are placed under the cycling platform to give riders a heart pounding, bass bumping audio experience.

With all of your senses being distracted by all of this there may be times where you think you’re not doing much; no worries cause at the end of each class participants receive a performance email. This makes it accessible to track progress and set new goals for the next ride.

dsc_0521If all of these aspects don’t get you up from in front of that TV then the fact that IMAXShift has recently partnered with Glam & Go, offering riders express styling services.

Go to IMAXShift website to sign-up for a profile and plan a day to stop, trust us you will not see cycling the same!