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Just a few more weeks and the whole world will be greeting a new year. And while one of the best places to greet any New Year is in New York City for its famous countdown in Times Square plus the revelries that happen both before and after the stroke of midnight of Dec 31st, it is not the only place where you can get fantastic experience saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new year. Here are some of the best places to celebrate NYE outside of NYC.

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Sydney, Australia

If you really want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, there’s no better place than to celebrate it in the very first metropolitan city that will greet the New Year: Sydney. Sydney has a very unique way of ushering in the New Year as it provides one of the most spectacular fireworks display that gets reflected on the cool and serene waters of the iconic Sydney Harbor. The Harbor of Light Parade then follows which is a long line of beautifully decorated and well-illuminated vessels cruising on the Sydney Harbor. Just make sure to go there before 6 in the morning of the 31st as prime viewing spots can get really filled up rather quickly.

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Koh Phangan, Thailand

If the kind of New Year’s Eve celebration that you’re looking for is a beach party type, then you simply need to visit Koh Phangan in Thailand. It’s simply the biggest, wackiest, zestiest, and craziest NYE beach party in the world. It’s a night of debauchery where body-painted partygoers dance, drink, and party all night like there clearly is no more tomorrow. You’d have to be on your guard though, as the party can get really wild that there will be some criminal elements mixed in the crowd.

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Paris, France

If you would like to spend the New Year with your fiancé, there’s nowhere more romantic than Paris. With the architecturally magnificent Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, the lavish fireworks display can really ignite one’s passions. And while you and your partner are renewing your vows and looking ahead to a more fruitful 2017, you can feast on a sumptuous duckling breast, a delectable Christmas Log, and even a truly enriching scallop ceviche. And the best way to meet the New Year is on a boat on the River Seine. Just make sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card with you, just in case.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For the heat-seeking hedonists, nothing beats Rio. Besides, it’s where carnivals are elevated to new heights every time. Expect throngs and thongs amidst the never-ending supply of highly infectious samba music. If hedonism is not your thing, you can always head to the beach and participate in a ceremonial tossing of flowers as a fitting tribute to the Afro-Brazilian sea goddess, Yemanja. Just remember to wear white clothes only as it symbolizes good luck.

There are many other cities all around the world that have a unique way of celebrating NYE. Just make sure to plan your travels in advance, though.