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Brazil introduced the world to their national drink, Caipirinha, and to their laid back, easygoing strains of Bossa Nova. In addition, they account for a third of the coffee consumed in the world, making them the world’s largest producer of the heavenly bean. Clearly, they are arbiters of good taste. The country’s latest contribution might as well rank with their aforementioned gifts. Best of all, it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, by anyone- at least anyone with some extra pocket change and an internet connection. This… is Cennarium.

Cennarium is an exciting online platform that brings high quality, streamed global performing arts performances directly onto your mobile device or computer.  In short, it is Netflix for culture junkies.

Started in Brazil in 2014 by arts lover Harry Fernandes, Cennarium planted roots earlier this year in New York City. In that time, they have accumulated well over 100 titles which are currently available to view. They hope to add new titles on a weekly basis. Best of all, there are multiple options for subtitles and the video quality is as good—if not better—than a cinematic motion picture. In addition, each selection provides clean and clear production notes.

Last month, the company threw a launch party at the Helen Mills Theatre space in Chelsea where they honored the 90th anniversary of the Martha Graham Dance Company. Guests were then treated to a Cennarium taped performance by the dance company. The excitement was palpable; not only for the dance presentation, but for the limitless theatrical opportunities that await these visionaries. With content from France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany and other countries, Cennarium prides itself on collaborating with production companies so that they share in the revenue based on the number of views.

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While some may criticize the online content provider for replacing the live show experience,  executive director Themis Gomes clarified that this is not the intent. “People will always attend live performances,” she said. “But this gives people who may have missed a limited run or who can’t travel the same opportunity to enjoy it anytime their schedules allow.”

The subscription based service is extremely affordable with monthly prices as low at $7.97 per month. Plus, there is an opportunity to give it a complimentary try for 10 days.

Over the next four years,  most logical Americans are going to be seeking places of retreat so Cennarium has arrived at just the right time. While many can’t afford the time and money to jet set around the globe in search of the arts, they can invest in a thoroughly enriching service that costs less than a movie ticket.

Gift cards are available on their website with 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year subscriptions. Except for your weird cousin who lives in your aunt and uncle’s basement, nobody wants a jelly of the month subscription this holiday. Your refined and polished friends and family would love nothing more than the gift of Cennarium. Treat yourself too!  Grab the Cachacha, mix a drink, prop up your feet and click onto a world stage.


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