Yes we know the weather is cold and the snow is falling but that’s not so bad especially when you know you have something to look forward to. What is better than finding out that EXKi, located on 28th & Madison Avenue, just launched a new winter menu highlighting their breakfast all day options.  Yay! 

If you didn’t know, EXKi just remodeled this located and we must say it stands out as the place you want to enter on Madison Avenue. The floor to ceiling windows with the white furnishings make it easy for each food station to emerge from one another.

Now getting off work or taking a break in between emails to get another slice of that delectable Smashed Avocado Toast you been tasting since the morning just makes the day go smoother.

Having the option to dine on a Lasagna Bowl that provides many layers of sausage, bacon, spinach, smoked mozzarella, egg and a butternut squash sauce that brings this plate to another world, makes those breakfast breaks worth the fight through the cold for.


One food station is the destination for all of your beverage needs. From Lattes made with coconut milk to Watermelon-Lemonade with a dash of cayenne pepper(yes I said cayenne pepper). EXKi is a mecca for anyone who appreciates a healthy drink made from scratch.

The food station is where all the magic happens. This is where patrons can choose from locally grown menu options in a grab-and-go format while still receiving the beneficial goodness of a home-cooked meal.


The Warm Bowl Bar is expected to be very popular with customers considering the multiple of savory combinations of proteins, veggies and grains.

If eating wholesome food is more than just a fad for you and more like a lifestyle then EXKi should be on your places to try. Once there, try to indulge in everything especially the live plant installation in the seating area. The freshness of the plant radiates off of the garden fresh menu items.  For more information, check out their official site.