Have you ever wondered what -252 degrees feels like? Yeah me either, until I stopped by Elite Cryo Lounge located in Midtown on 30 East 60th Street #1403 and have a better understanding of the product and the benefits.

A health trend that was once only popular for athletes has everyday people indulging and reaping the benefits. If you’re not familiar with what cryotherapy is, then now is the time.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) refers to a process where your body is exhibited to subzero temperatures for a maximum of 2-3 minutes.  If you’re a beginner two minutes is the recommended time. During this time there will be many things that the mind and body will experience.


Mentally you will not believe that you’re actually standing in a freezing chamber and you’re body will experience something referred to as “fight or flight”. The negative temperatures will trick the body into feeling as if it’s in danger and start to draw blood from the core to maintain the appropriate body temperature.

I know you’re probably thinking how is this beneficial in any way. During this technique, the blood is able to absorb nutrients, enzymes and oxygen which results in the invigorating feeling you will experience after.

Now that we covered the technical stuff, let me get down to what is really happening! As you start to undress (oh yeah you’re naked) you may or may not not start to get nervous.  I recommend staying calm, cause if your blood pressure is too high you will not be allowed to do it (for obvious reasons).



After you undress you’ll be given thick socks, wool booties and gloves to wear and at Elite Cryo Lounge they have a cute selection to choose from. Now you’re ready and the chamber is ready, you will know this when you notice the nitrogen smoke peering out the top.

Stepping inside is not as bad as one may anticipate. The temperature is going down as the seconds count up, therefore you do not feel the cold as intensely as you may think.

Katrina, the owner of Elite Cryo Lounge is very comforting throughout the process, talking to you, taking your picture all while counting down. Before you know it those doors are open and everything is done.

It will take a few seconds for your body to come back to its normal state and during that process you can feel the difference in your body, like your whole body just took a breath of fresh air!

To make things better, Katrina just may have a shot of vodka waiting for you as your body is coming back down from that nitrogen high!

Everyone should try Cryotherapy at least once and if you do stop by Elite Cryo Lounge and let us know what you think!