Hudson River Park May 12, 2012 © Julienne Schaer

For many people, the thought of going for a run fills them with excitement and pleasure, and they cannot wait to get out there daily, whatever the weather. Unfortunately for me the thought of my daily run fills me with dread, I love the sense of achievement once it is complete, but I seem to be lacking in the motivational stakes.

Sometimes I can use a bit of competition, against my friends and family, using one of the numerous running apps, or even my new Apple watch, but even that isn’t always enough to drag me out into the cold.

For me, the best thing to do is run different routes, where the scenery is stunning and takes my mind off the drudgery and in my case pain of running. I treated myself to a fantastic little backpack from GearHungry and set off to discover some of the best places to run in New York. Below is a list of some of my favorite circuits.

Credit: NYC Parks & Recreation

Battery Park To The East River

Maybe I am slightly paranoid, but I always prefer to run on a designated path if possible. I feel safer, and as I run with headphones firmly ensconced in my ears, it is nice not to have to worry about the traffic.

Starting off at the very extremities of Manhattan, in Battery Park, this route is a sightseers dream, allowing glimpses of the Statue of Liberty, running beside the East River with stunning views of the Brooklyn waterfront and a whole plethora of famous bridges. This is one of my favorite routes, and surprisingly in my experience, it never seems overly crowded.

Credit: Central Park Conservancy

 Central Park Circuit

Any regular runner who visits New York would be missing out if they didn’t take a run in the world-famous Central Park. Some people are concerned by the rolling hills, which can make your route a little more challenging, but there is still an alternative that lets you run in Central Park but avoid the hills. The route in question is in a loop around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. A full circuit is about 1.58 miles, and it is perfect for running as the entire circuit is a bike free zone.


Hudson River Park

If you were to ask 100 fitness addicts where to go running in New York, the vast majority would probably vote for Hudson River Park. The negative aspect of this is of course that it is always busy, but on a positive note, it should be much easier to find yourself a running buddy. Further inspiration is always in abundance, due to the numerous sporting activities taking place around the path you will be running on.

There are many other wonderful runs to experience in New York, and it is certainly one of the best places in the world if you are interested in getting fit. Rather than just running aimlessly use the fantastic sights and scenery to motivate you and keep inspiring you on your journey. You will find it must easier and may even discover some locations you weren’t even aware of.