Jose Cuervo

Happy Birthday Jose Cuervo and we at Manhattan Digest mean that from the heart! If you’re a tequila enthusiast like me then you would understand the amounts of excitement I feel knowing they just released a limited edition bottle.

And what is better than being part of the lucky bunch that were able to celebrate a 222nd Birthday with the purveyors of tequila.

Ricardo Cavolo, a Spanish artist & Carlos Campos, a Honduran designer collaborated to design this limited edition capsule collection. This compilation is mean to depict the vivid & legendary history of Jose Cuervo.

img_51641While depicting the Jose Cuervo story, Cavolo & Campos brought their Latin American flare to the project to create visuals that would grab consumers.  Enthusiast may want pay attention to each bottle for they each tell a different story.

The Special Lady bottle brings tribute to Ana Gonzalez Rubio who led the family business to much success and name her one of Mexico’s most exceptional ladies and entrepreneurs.

The Heart of the Industry bottle portrays how Jose Cuervo was the first family and produce tequila, making it the heart of the industry.

joseA Music Inspiration tells the story how musicians across all genres of music paid tribute to Jose Cuervo in songs throughout the years. This tequila has launched careers and even sponsored music festivals.

And lastly The Devil’s Water makes reference to the conversations one may have to have with themselves to maintain rational minded under the influence, in other words talking with the devil on your shoulder. We have all experienced that, ha!

Now that we all have some understanding on the influence of Jose Cuervo, it makes celebrating their 222nd birthday more worth the while.

img_51151The next time we sip on a glass it will make us feel like we’re part of Cuervo history and keeping the legacy alive!  For more information, check out their official site.