Cold Night 3
Cold Night 3, 5th Ave, NYC, 2017

Manhattan has been experiencing a lot of cold nights lately, especially with the recent snowstorm we experienced this week.  As nasty as this weather can be, it still can lead to having the city look incredibly beautiful if you can see it in a different light.   Especially on 5th Avenue, where I drew inspiration for my latest photo blog on Manhattan Digest.

Here are some of the photos that I took to really show the mood when a cold night meets 5th Avenue.

Cold Night 5
Cold Night 5, 5th Ave, NYC, 2017
Cold Night 4
Cold Night 4, , 5th Ave, NYC, 2017
Cold Night 2
Cold Night 2, 5th Ave, NYC, 2017
Cold Night 1
Cold Night 1, 5th Ave, NYC, 2017