Online Dating

Online dating is fun, but this fun can quickly disappear if there is no reward, positive feedback or any form of success. The unwritten ‘rules’ of online dating can be completed, let alone unwritten! However, you can perfect your ways to make your dating game more successful and we show you 7 ways to improve this.

Choose Wisely

At this stage you are probably overwhelmed by the choice and options of online dating available to you. Choosing your dating site wisely will help you meet with potential partners quicker. Narrow down your search by hobbies, interests and likeminded soul mates. Do not dilute the quality of people you are trying to meet by downloading all the free apps, simply because they are free. Consider paying for a dating site, as the other members on that site have already done so, because at least then this means the people there are serious about finding potential partners. Don’t waste time chatting with someone who downloaded it for a laugh in their spare time.

Prof Pic

Your profile picture is the initial point of attraction. But if you’re serious about winning at online dating, trust me do not use your best pic. Your perfect picture, filtered to within an inch of its life does not represent you; this can be harmful in the long run. Do post a picture of duck faces, pouting, boobs, bikinis, double front bicep shot or any belfies, whatever the hell they are! Quite simply, choose a picture of you, natural, confident, comfortable and current. Then you know at least the person you are chatting to likes you for you, and is now starting to get to know you for the better.

Perfect your Profile

Let your profile tell a story, but make sure you tell the right one. If you’re looking for someone with a bit more intellect then let them know your passions and interests, your profile pic can also reflect this by choosing one in an area of culture, rather than being topless. If you’re looking for an adventurer then let people know that you’re well-travelled, into outdoor sports and activities, again your profile pic could be you upside down on a BMX, well maybe not that far but you get my point. Also, let loose on your type; don’t always go for people who have suited your ‘type’ in the past. Online dating is a vast world of opportunities, cast your net as wide as you can because you never know what sort of ‘type’ will like your profile. Start saying yes on your profile and give others a try!

Online Dating

Curiosity is Key

Don’t just go to town on your likes and dislikes from day one. Of course you need to express who you are and what you’re interested in but you must leave some information for your potential partner to investigate. If you’re delivering war and peace on your profile about certain topics you’re fond of and not so fond of then you may well be isolating yourself from future matches. Curiosity is key and something you need to create by tempting other members to find out more.

To the Point

Don’t bombard your online match with essays and questions, try not to get too excited about someone replying back to you and wanting to know everything within the first hour or so. Keep your messages back and forth short and sweet. Of course ask questions and state some interesting facts about yourself, but again keep your match guessing, tempt them into knowing more and get to the point, ask them out!


When messaging, on the flirt and chatting away to matches and potential partners keep your use of language as optimistic as possible This will certainly increase your dating game success rate as optimism in your profile and messages all ask the question, would you date you? Allow yourself to describe what excites you, what your ambitions are, what’s happy and fun in your life at the moment, your match will soon want to be a part of it.

Say Yes

Saying yes to opportunities will open up doors to a whole new world. Trust your gut and go with new options, take a leap of faith and try it out. Test out the theory of fate, and enjoy it while it lasts, even message the potential partner that’s not your ‘type’, after all practice makes perfect. Your success rate at the dating game will go up if you start saying yes, respond to messages, agree to dates, try new interests and go for it! You really don’t know what you’re missing!