FlyNYON is truly the only way to really get a glimpse of all of New York from an angle that you have to see yourself. An above water, higher than the skyscrapers bird eye view is the ONLY way New York City should be seen. Walking through the concrete jungle, we get lost in the hustle and neglect to think about the massive views this city is known for.


I have never been on a helicopter and I knew my first experience would have to be with FlyNYON. I mean who wouldn’t want their feet dangling out the side of a door-less helicopter while it’s going 120mph, 1000 ft in the air. Yes, that sounds insane and guess what. it is! This is the only time you’ll be above the One World Trade or Empire State Building and have it feel small enough for you to grab.

You will instantly feel like you’re inside of a New York City postcard as you head over the Hudson River and begin to take in all the views. That feeling will not last long, and you will realize how real this experience is once your pilot starts to make turns for your “money shot” and your scrambling for something to hold on to! At that moment, deciding whether you should get the shot or hold on becomes imperative and if you’re like me, you’ll try to find a way to do both!


For those who may be afraid of heights, this is the ideal way to get over that, cause once you’re up there the skyline captivates you and soon you’ll forget what fear is.

Of course there are some tips that first-timer should be aware of. Do not wear slip-on shoes, of anything lose for that matter. The last thing you want is for your shoe to go flying off and potentially knocking someone out on land. Ladies should always tie their hair up, the winds are so strong your hair could potentially alter the magnificent views.

imageAnd what’s even better is now this is experience is available in other cities like Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles & San Fransisco. This just made my prospective trip planning to these cities even better!

When you do decide to soar in the air, do not hesitate to let us know how AMAZING it was!!  For more information on FlyNYON, check out their official site.