Adler_Leyenda_Tacuba-38Mezcales de Leyenda is a Mexican brand of spirits that showcase the character, uniqueness and validity of what a true mezcal is. With the debut of the two new artisanal expressions, Mezcales de Leyenda now offers five different versions coming from five different states (in Mexico that is).

The two newbies “Puebla” & “San Luis Potosi” represent the legacy of the brand, yet in distinctive ways. Puebla exudes a smokey flavor with specs of citrus that appeals to the consumer who appreciates a combination of opposites in a drink. While San Luis is more sweet and can be due to the distilling in copper process it goes through.


With these additions coming out right in time for Cinco de Mayo, what better way to introduce them to the world than with a fiesta at Tacuba in Hells Kitchen.

Here, spirit enthusiasts from all over the city had the opportunity to be some of the first to taste the new Mezcal. If you tasted it straight then you were able to really engulf your senses into its distilling process by tasting and smelling the pure essence of the spirit. And of course there were special cocktails of the night for both versions where the ingredients used complimented the soul of the Mezcal.

The food fare presented by Chef Julian Medina made the evening even better. I mean what’s an authentic Mezcal without the authentic Mexican fare to wash it down with! From Chorizo Tacos to the Guacamole, everything about Tacuba that night said, book your next trip to Mexico!


And if you weren’t able to run home and do just that, you left for the evening with a piece of it with you- a cute little key-chain flask filed with the one of the new mezcals to go.

Puebla and San Luis Potosí are available for purchase now at most local wine & spirit shops. So don’t be a square and not indulge for this Cinco de Mayo season!

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