Lantern Hall

Brooklyn is (almost) the new Manhattan, with more people flocking to the bar/lounge scene here than ever before. There is a different air there when referring to a night out, and that may stem from the less congestion one may feel when they enter a Brooklyn establishment. Taking that aspect into consideration along with the people in Brooklyn being less stuck up (maybe) makes people more comfortable and relaxed when they cross the bridge.  Lantern Hall is one of those reasons to cross said bridge. 

Located in East Williamsburg, Lantern Hall radiates all of these qualities and more. With this area once being prominent during New York’s industrial area, it would be no surprise that this spacious bar used to be a garage. Of course you would never know that because the decor/ theme of Lantern Hall is more reminiscent of an stylish & sophisticaed arcade.

Lantern Hall provides patrons the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and play some of the games we use to play as adolescents. This means an area where one is able to play Over Sized Jenga & Over Sized Connect Four. If that doesn’t grab you, then the tables that come equipped with vintage game consoles for guest to dive into will. There are plenty of things to grab your attention here, however this may be the best!

If you’re not into video/table games, that’s fine because Lantern Hall also has a very unique IPA menu. And no I’m not just saying their menu is “unique” just to say it. Their beer menu is equipped with the rarest ones around. Their beers are imported from all over the world, yet the beer they get come from barrels that were made in limited quantity. In other words, you may try a beer here that you will never try again anywhere.

I mean c’mon guys, I’m not even a beer person and that has me pretty excited! There is a part of me that makes me feel like I’m part of beer history that’s taking place in Lantern Hall everytime I take a sip. When there is a drink that’s combines beer with cider and the end result has this pink hue, you can sign me all the way up! Mixing the cider with the beer dilutes the slight saltyness that comes with beers while highlighting the same sour taste that comes beers creating one hell of a cocktail!

The food is amazing! Especially the Tater Tots topped (say that three times) with beer infused cheese! I mean wow- beer infused cheese. Before tasting it, automatically your mind starts to wonder like “hmm will I be able to taste the beer” and of course you don’t, but they are still soooo sooo good.

I mean between the food, games and peculiar beer menu, this is differently a reason to branch out of the normal happy hours spots and over to Brooklyn’s Lantern Hall. Surely worth the trip that you’ll be talking about the next day!

When you do go let us know here at Manhattan Digest know which beer you tasted!!  For more information on Lantern Hall, click here.