Haven Rooftop
Credit: Haven Rooftop

Fellow New Yorkers- we can breath now, cause rooftop season is finally in full affect! It may be hard for people who are not from here to understand how crucial this time of year is for us. Being cemented to the office for lunch hour or entertaining in your apartment during the colder months can take a toll on you (mentally). This time of year we can take those woes outside and have a cocktail outdoors with no jacket required!  

With this city being filled with lights, skyscrapers and exquisite views, why not take that drink to a higher elevation and indulge on a rooftop.

The Sanctuary Hotel, located on 132 West 47th Street in the heart of the city, has an infamous rooftop that should have a place on everyone’s to do list for the summer. Haven Rooftop is one of New York’s lively rooftops with people continuously flocking here.

With this being a mulit-level venue and each zone boasting a different view, its easy to understand why Haven’s popularity has grown over the years.

Every season they like to change the decor of the rooftop to add a fresh ambiance for that season. This years new color schemes include hues in the red and orange family, which invites a St. Barts vibe to the venue. To top that off, the staff at Haven also dresses in these colors making it easy to spot someone out from the crowd!

Not only do people come up here for a different perspective of the city, they come here for the delicious food and drinks! Haven’s food menu is sure to satisfy any and all taste buds, whether you’re here for a quick bite before a Broadway show or just want to enjoy a worldly meal.

From the Tower of Tuna Tartare to the Margherita Pizzas, the food here sends your taste buds on a journey where at some point you’ll forget the vast views around you.

Haven Rooftop is now open, so don’t be afraid to come a couple of stories up and have a good time! When you do so, let us here at Manhattan Digest know how it was!  For more information, please check out their official site.