Cholula Hot Sauce has been around for a while, separating themselves from other hot sauce brands with their recognizable wooden cap. Not only is the packaging very distinguishable, the savor of every flavor includes a surprise with each bite, which I love! Cholula enthusiasts are not only impressed by the taste, they also appreciate how the brand caters to their many devotees.

Releasing a limited edition flavor, Sweet Habanero with a small-batch run of 1,000 bottles is one way the brand expressed their gratitude and need to satisfy the flourishing fan base and their growing taste buds.

What better way to introduce this flavor to the world than with an athlete who knows first-hand what it like to have a solid following of people routing for you than New York Mets star Noah Syndergaard. Perfect brunch is a way to start any day, especially with a couple of customized Bloody Mary’s while hearing Syndergaard express how the Cholula legacy speaks to how he lives his life everyday!

The brand has created a fresh members-only platform, Order of Cholula, where participants gain access to specific content, including exclusive discounts, merchandise and first admittance to the new flavor Sweet Habanero. The first piquancy of this flavor that hits your mouth is a rush of pineapples and garlic, at this point you will forget that it is even a hot sauce. Then BAM, there goes the spicy flavor we all desire on our dishes.

Sweet Habanero will fit in well with Cholula’s already popular roster of Original, Green Pepper, Chipotle, Chili Lime and Chili Garlic.

(Photo/Stuart Ramson)

If you are familiar with the other Cholula flavors then you can imagine how they set the bar for this one, and the only way for to find out is by signing up.

Trust me it’s worth it, I bring my Sweet Habanero with me everywhere now. No seriously, I really do, people look at me as if I’m slightly crazy but of course I’m not. Just really passionate about things that taste good!

Let us here at Manhattan Digest know what your favorite Cholula flavor is and how you feel about the limited edition, Sweet Habanero!  For more information on Cholula Hot Sauce, check out their official site.